Breaking down cloakcoin in 4k (video)

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With this video I will be Breaking down cloakcoin into the following categories. A Quick overview, the cloakWallet, cloakEnigma, cloakShield, and the cloak (PoS) proof of stake. After viewing this video you will have a better understanding of this coin.

Just remember you can lose money and coins in every move you make. Do not rush in, learn from your mistakes. Always use a small test coin when trying a new wallet. Please be careful of pumpers that are online. Any crypto can go to 0 remember it is just a speculation that wants to be a new digital fiat money. And yes I have bought in at the high thinking it would go a little bit higher. I have also lost coins transferring them to different wallets on exchanges. As you can see I'm no expert, just learning as I go. More research is needed. I'm giving you my full disclosure: I'M not a Finance adviser. I'm not getting payed from cloakcoin. I do have a cloakcoin wallet. If you would like to spread some coinage my way I will always cherish your generosity.

Thank-you for all your comments and viewing the video. I have other videos I would like you to view.


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