Using Estonia To Run Crypto Currency Business

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I have been researching countries around the world, and have been looking for crypto friendly countries where international businesses would be welcomed. One of the countries I have found, and looked into is Estonia. 

Here you can file all needed documentation from abroad, and have setup a virtual office while you prepare for your arrival. Everything from banking to taxes can be setup and controlled via the internet. Once you arrive you can setup your physical office, and finish any details needed. 

"At the heart of this success is an advanced digital infrastructure and a belief that almost anything can be done online with minimal bureaucracy.

Now you can set up and run an Estonian company too, no matter where in the world you live and work.Estonia is the first place to offer e-Residency so that anyone can base their businesses and finances in the country. 

As an e-resident, you will have full access to Estonia’s advanced digital infrastructure and the same rights in business as Estonian citizens."

One of the interesting things is be able to setup yourself, and your employees with e-residency, and your paperwork can be finished at the nearest embassy.

"E-Residency costs a one-off fee of 100€, which is great value-for-money considering you will have full access to the world’s most advanced digital infrastructure. 

Anyone in the world can apply to be an e-resident of Estonia and most applications are approved. You do need to be over 18 and not committed a criminal offence, however."

Now Estonia is very technical, and has a tremendous amount of people involved within the crypto currency industry or willing to get involved in order to learn.

Consider reading this source in-depth Here --> Starting a company with Estonian e-Residency

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I am just across the Gulf of Finland from Estonia :)


Elikkä siis tota olisko huomenna tori tapaaminen kello 12?

There will be more cause crypto is like freedom.
Freedom is to do something you enjoy and earn while doing it.

that is really intresting one.

Not to be that guy but apparently Estonian e-residency doesn't hold water in court.

If you're looking for tax advantages you can either a) give up your American citizenship, b) make less than $100k after deductions and claim the overseas income tax credit, or c) move to Belarus where crypto and crypto related startups won't be taxed for the next 5 years.


I'm thinking along the lines of business support services, and being able to get experienced employees with the high tech fields. Taxes should be low for a support office only.

Amazing post this is educative,thanks for sharing.

posting a good friend .. i like your post teman.jangan forgot to enter my blog friend ya

nice post dear

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estonia is the northernmost of the three Baltic states and is a flat-clad country in the northeastern coast of the Baltic, a developed city that is a tax living,

your post so amazing

Very, very interesting!

Mainly so for me because you don't hear a lot about Estonia these days. I grew up in the United States, but was born in Estonia.

Resteemed for good content, and also for my own selfish sense of heritage :)

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I did not know such a thing exists. This is great development especially for those looking for hassle-free business setup.

The link at the end is broken, I think its meant to go here (

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Nice post,good info.

i have some estonian ancestory, good post

Fascinating....thank you!

I am a startup runner in Seoul, Korea and supposed to move to BKK, Thailand in this year. Your posting is quite interesting and I wanna get to know more about building a startup in Estonia. Is it right that only 100 EURO is required to setup the business? Actually it's somewhat unbelivable when compared to the policy to start business in Thailand, which demands both minumum capital and hiring 4 local workers for one foriegn business runner. Anyway thank you so much for your insight.


That is what the article said and it's cost is something to consider. Tax issues may only apply to companies that make money there, but if your only running your business support services only then tax should not really matter as much.


a very good post.

This is a great idea.... however, do you lose your current nationality status? what about health benefits, social security and all that?

Very nice my friend

@johngentry sorry, but looks like link is broke :(

Can you please update them?

Good information. Helpful post.

I hear that some Americans are moving from the mainland to Puerto Rico so that they won't have to pay capital gains taxes.

That is interesting, not a country I would normally immediately consider.

Wow, very interesting!

Lovely information, I will look into it.