Using Bitcoin To Buy From Everyday Business

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Recently as stated in another post I began talking about using Bitcoin to buy digital coupons and use them for ordinary travel. So far I have been able to test out the use of StarBucks, Burger King, Chili’s, and Dunkin Donuts. Even these establishments don’t except Bitcoin directly then due in-directly via the Gyft service and phone app.

First I go online via my laptop, and purchase the digital gift cards. Once this happen my iPhone is automatically updated. I then verify everything is correct on my phone, and wait until needed. When using Starbucks as an example I then link the card to my account so I can get some discounts on top as well. Then at the time of service just open the app and tap on the card you want. This presents a barcode, and the service scans the barcode and the process is finished.

My First Bitcoin Dunkin Donnuts Latte

What this has done is expand the reach of Bitcoin into everyday businesses. There are still many more options on other services that I have not even tried yet, Amazon, and Walmart are also available along with a few airlines. So if you create Bitcoins via mining or other trading investments you should consider trying this kind of service out.

Travels who fly can benefit tremendously from this, and non travels alike.

If you would like to start creating Bitcoin from your investments consider signing up at Trade Coin Club or Bitclub Network here for free, and take a look around. If you like what you see then fund your account are begin earning for your next travel adventure.

So until next time.

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Awesome, Amazon too huh! Thanks for sharing this.

Good advice. But not for Ukraine.

I think the concept is spreading everywhere. So options there may exist that are not available here.

Anything that increases the demand side of the equation is good for the price. :-D

Dude! Thank you for this. I'm new to Steemit and haven't used bitcoin before so I had no idea how to spend my Steem dollars. Thanks.

FranksIn© APPROVES Gyft and has been using them for years. Glad to see more people learning and enjoying. :)))


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