The Visa Prepaid Plastic Card for Bitcoins from Equicex

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While the list of businesses that accept bitcoins is increasingly expanding, it is not all merchants that accept the currency for transactions. Fortunately, the introduction of Bitcoin debit cards has somewhat provided a link between bitcoins and the contemporary finance world that is yet to warm up to the new virtual currency.

 You can load or purchase bitcoins using your Bitcoin Prepaid Card and conveniently use it to make purchases and spend in other ways. You may not spend bitcoins directly, but the prepaid visa card allows you to store the balance in bitcoins.   

Loading takes a few seconds to confirm, and you can hold the cryptocurrency balance until the need to use it arises. In the last decade, bitcoin has made significant changes, and it may not take long before it becomes one of the most popular payment solutions in the near future. Bitcoin is the new payment solution, but it is yet to become ubiquitous.    

The benefits of using the visa prepaid plastic card for bitcoins

  • Among the apparent      benefits of visa prepaid is convenience when making purchases online and      physically. Numerous businesses are yet to get into the Bitcoin fold, and      so bridging the gap between the currencies is critical.

  • Some debit cards      like the Equicex visa plastic card accepts up to 500 cryptocurrencies, and      which makes it easy for you to transact. The new form of virtual currency      is experiencing growth, and the prepaid plastic card for bitcoins      consolidates all the cryptocurrencies into a single place. Therefore, you don't      need a different plastic card for each of the virtual currency available      around the world.

  • Many businesses      around the world accept visa, and that makes it easy to transact and make      purchases. You can finally use your cryptocurrencies conveniently without      challenges. That includes your favorite      restaurants, gas stations, and      stores.

  • Some prepaid      visa cards that accept cryptocurrencies allow instant exchange two      traditional currencies. You can, therefore, get hard currencies at the      current rate, and use it as you please. the idea of raiding the ATM and      getting your cryptocurrencies in dollars or other traditional currency is      exciting.

  • Some of the      popular supported currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Lite      coin, bitcoin cash, Tron, Tether, Stellar, Monero, and Cardano among others. It supports up to 500      cryptocurrencies.

  • The Bitcoin      Prepaid card Works with a variety of merchants such as PayPal, eBay,      Skrill, Adwords, Payza, Amazon, Nutella, Bing ads, Skype, iTunes, Google      Play and Yahoo among others. 

  • Equicex does not have a      monthly service fee or even a load fee. It is convenient and easy to      maintain.

  • The ATM      transaction fee varies depending on several factors such as whether you      are using foreign ATM or the domestic ATM. It also depends on the type of      card you are using such as the US dollar card or the euro card. However,      the fees are quite affordable and are mostly not more than $4 even for      international ATM transactions. 

Equicex debit cards are entirely secure, and you can use them with a peace of mind, whether virtually or for real cash.