THE investment that gave me a HUGE return in one day.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Hey guys,

Today the market feels better whereas yesterday lot of people were freaking out.
Rational people knew that the crash of the market meant the best time to enter it.

Yesterday night, I stayed up late to not miss any good crash and I was right.

At about in the morning (New-Zealand time), the market went down to 97 Billions and this is where I decided to enter.
I put 500€ (I'm French so I'm using European account) into Bitcoin when it was at 2500€ (about 2800$). 2 minutes after the market went straight up to 105B follow by 115B 5 minutes after.
1 Bitcoin was worth then around 2850€


Then I invest in Altcoins as follow :

  • 60€ in NEO
  • 120€ in Ethereum
  • 100€ in Steem
  • 30€ in TenX
  • 30€ in Lisk
  • 20€ in BAT
  • 20€ in NEM
  • 30€ in Ark
  • 20€ in Aragon
  • 35€ in Litecoin
  • 20€ OmiseGo
  • Rest I left in Bitcoin

Before that, I made already some investments when the market was around 140B so, as per today with 127B market cap, I'm still recovering from this previous one.

But the investment itself from yesterday made me gain +290€ and it is just the beginning !

And you did you get the chance to enter at the good time?
What are the hold-up that you did ?
Share you previous investment and what will make you rich in couple of years :D


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Good information


Thank you ! Did you get a chance to get in?


welcome .. i am waiting for other posts .. and thank you already follow me


Pleasure you have some good posts !


Thank you

Seems like you got lucky and bought at the right moment. Just remember don't panic if another dip comes. I'd bet you won't regret it in a year or few :) Good luck


I don't sell anything until at least 10 years :)
Are you planing to hold it for that long too?


Been holding Digibyte since 2014. Made me thousands so far and it is cheap currently. (I believe so)


Nice one :)
So you enter the market pretty early, you are the lucky one haha :D
I wish I had too but I did my first move 2 months ago.