EOS makes me dream !

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

I'm so happy to see this EOS going forward !

The github is extremely busy before the release of the platform and therefore it's attracting a lot of hype.


I bet the price will pump hard and then dump but because the platform will be a success, the price will sustain at a good real value which is for me at least above 15$.

And Steem going up in the mean time ! Just Bitshares needs to follow the path and it's a perfect move 👌🏽


Yeah but unfortunately I don't have any EOS coin😀

It's in retracement now ;) time to keep an eye on the fib and buy

EOS is sure having a great rally. Congrats to all the EOS HODLers out there. I often considered buying some EOS and never did yet. I sure wish I would have.

Never too late, the release of the platform is still 1 month away
Make sure to check out the fib retracement before entering in

Thanks. I’m starting to understand EOS more and more.

Good for you

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