One gram the gold backed cryptocurrency Check this crypto out

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The number one problem that cryptocurrencies run into, is the that they lack worth. Like fiat , their true value, when their utility as currency is removed, is essentially zero. OneGram seeks to change that.

OneGram Whitepaper:


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Cryptos actually have a price mechanism where fiat does not. Fiat is made out of thin air. People invest this or mine to build something of value not based on debt so I disagree about your assessment of fiat currency. On the other hand, back cryptos with or pegging to gold will eventually happen once fiat dies for good in the next 4-5 years. History has shown they don't last more then 50 years and the IMF has public ally stated they want to move away from fiat.


I wish governments start using blockchain technology in stead of printing paper...

Announcement pages found here and here.
I have a few problems with this coin.

  1. I have no interest in supporting anything that is related to Sharia compliance.

  2. After doing due diligence, I found nothing more than a block chain being worked on, and that it is possible to store gold at the Dubai Airport. Posted here here here here here.
    Never responded. No proof of anything. Asked again.

  3. This is a PoS (Proof Of Stake) coin, which means having some, will generate more. Where does this new gold come from?

I could probably find more, but, I stopped when no one would answer my questions in the forums.

Interesting concept. I hope you post more about it!

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Good good...

That's an interesting video, a gold backed crypto could be interesting.

It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how they can tie the price to gold, value is determined by trades so surely it would be impossible to keep the price at gold.

I have heard of a few different new gold backed cryptos coming out in the near future. I think it's long over due. This may help to sway all the skeptical gold/silver bugs.

@jimjam1210 thanks for the share. One question, who holds the gold? My rule of thumb when it comes to precious metals is that if you don't hold it you don't own it.

Not a good idea. Theres already alot of paper gold around. More than physical gold present. We should not add a digital gold to the mix. Nice idea but not one that I believe will work.

Interesting Content !!!
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