THE WAR ON CASH: Solution.... Bitcoin or Visa Card

Today, NBC Business News reported this headline...

"The War on Cash Intensifies: Visa Offers Restaurants $10,000 to Go Cashless"

I didn't have to read past that headline to formulate my theory of what's going on here. In case you haven't heard, over the past few years, there has been a war taking place across the world. It's called the "war on cash."

I recall articles about Europe phasing out their 500-Euro note, and Australia considering phasing out their $100 bill. Within the past year or two, some of India's highest-denomination currency was recalled. And there's been talk, here in America, about phasing out the $100 and $50 bills.

Putting the pieces together, it appears the financial system is falling apart, the central banks and governments are losing control, and they need to call in all the currency to keep the Ponzi going a little longer.

It would be difficult to ask the public, and expect everyone, to stop using cash altogether, so it appears that Visa may be cooperating with the government and banking system to "encourage" people to only use a card or some electronic payment system, based on fiat currency.

By "incentivizing" restaurants to turn down cash payments, the powers that be are coercing them to inconvenience you, in turn coercing you to use their cashless (fiat-based) system.

If everyone is "forced" or "coerced" into using their cash-free payment system, they can control and monitor everything you do with your money. And if one day, they aren't happy with your product selections or how you invest, they could possibly freeze or seize your funds.

I found once statement out of the NBC article a bit amusing (if you can appreciate how this arrangement works)...

"The company [Visa] can charge processing fees for every purchase, and also bill vendors for using its network as a platform. "

A lot of people are currently preparing for a cashless society by moving some of their money into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

So, I've got to wonder... is the banking system trying to get you comfortable using their "cashless" payment systems, before you get too familiar with using things like Bitcoin and Litecoin?

Here's the link to the NBC story:

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bitcoin to the moon!

Omg, those currencies...
jesushchrist, we need more people like you on this channel.
Btw. you can find out about yourself at this terminal, I found you based on what the machine thinks I like about you, haha.

Thanks for the post @jesushchrist I think the $100 aud will be safe, just went to the Perth casino last night the ATM's only pump out $100 notes


They may not "recall" the currency, but could simply stop printing new $100 notes. Or whatever denomination note, in whatever country they want to phase out.

We need stability in cryptocurrency if we want to pay on for common things. Now it´s great invest opportunity, but in 10 years it will be like new FOREX and I think it´s only a matter of time, when crypto will be popular like FIAT these days. What is your opinion?


I think fiat is doomed.

I'm waiting to be notified when launches.

And I'm waiting to see the RMG (Royal Mint Gold, 1-gram crypto):