Gold and Silver CRYPTOCURRENCY - Andrew Maguire's Prediction: Gold Price "INFLECTION POINT"

In a new KING WORLD NEWS® interview with precious-metals expert Andrew Maguire, he said "I am 100-percent certain that this is coming."

What's coming, he claims, is an "inflection point" in the price of gold and silver that will be the result of these precious metals being used to back a new bullion cryptocurrency, in particular BullionCoin, which he tweeted about a few days ago.

The website currently allows you to enter your e-mail address to be notified about their launch.

Speaking about the Comex paper market, Maguire said, "I fully anticipated some 250 tons of sovereign-size orders to hit on [July 5, 2017]. The orders are still coming in, very soon. And we all know there is no 250 tons of available gold to be delivered into the market, at market, at current prices."

If Maguire's prediction comes true, this could be one of the biggest precious-metals events in history. But, then again, blockchain and cryptocurrencies seem to be evolving into one of the biggest financial events in history. Its just that not many people are aware of it right now.

You can listen to Maguire's new interview here:

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