5 Methods to Make $2,100+ in Cryptocurrencies without Trading!

How do we get paid in cryptocurrency without having to trade or speculate on the price?

Would you join us in learning together, as I share the top five ways that have worked for me to earn at least $2,100 worth of Bitcoin?  Where do we see the potential to earn $21,000+ as I have done in using two different methods including one I am doing right now which results in payments with Steem which I exchange for Ethereum and Litecoin into USD?

How do we do all this without any trading or speculating on prices?  When we invest into some of these strategies, how can we earn 10 times as much when the prices get pumped?  Will you read this post for answers to these questions because seeing these answers leaves me feeling empowered to keep working and earning in the world of crypto today?


5 Ways to Earn $2,100+ in Cryptocurrencies without Trading!

What do you think the number one of these strategies is?

I will go forward and show you one at a time right here starting with number 5!

#5: Affiliate Marketing

The number five way is to do a little bit of affiliate marketing on things we are using anyway.



In Coinbase, for example, I've referred 449 friends and I've earned $10 for every single friend I've referred, worth 2.6 in Bitcoin. If you're one of them, thank you very much.

As you'll see the actual math comes out to more, it's paid in $10 on Bitcoin.

That means I've earned $4,490 in payments from Coinbase. The actual value, if I'd held all of the Bitcoin, but I didn't, would be over $10,000 today. Affiliate marketing works good when it's honest and when you present it within the rules.

If you try to do deceptive things with it, or sneak it, or stuff it in everywhere, I don't think it works nearly as good. If you do tutorials on Coinbase, for example, it's a very good opportunity to do affiliate marketing. When we combine all of these methods together, we can expect crazy results.

Would you try using my link because you'll know it works and that it's possible for you? When you sign up and buy or sell $100 of Bitcoin or more, we both earn $10 of free Bitcoin!



Here's another place that's good to do affiliate marketing, in addition to doing it on a wallet like Coinbase, you can do it on an exchange.

What I've done is, I've used Changelly to make cryptocurrency exchanges. Then, Changelly has a program that gives me 50% of their fee.

I'm grateful that we collectively have used Changelly to convert over 5 Bitcoin through my account already.

This is a fairly new one, and yet as you can see I've already got whatever this is worth in Bitcoin available to pay out.

Would you use my link to sign-up for Changelly because this will give me a small commission based on 50% of their fee?

Number five is affiliate marketing, with Coinbase and Changelly or other affiliate marketing programs.

I don't recommend doing cloud mining affiliate marketing, because I don't see that as a very good system for the end user. Having a wallet on Coinbase is a good system for the end user. I've used Coinbase a lot as a regular user, and that's the same thing on Changelly, it's very helpful.

If we're doing affiliate mining in ways that are just to make us money that we don't actually want to do, I don't recommend it. Now, if you love cloud mining and you love getting the rewards from it, then sure, affiliate marketing may work there.

In summary, affiliate marketing is awesome if we use the "refer a friend" programs built into what we already have.

#4: Masternode

The number four way to earn cryptocurrency, $2,000 plus, is with a masternode.

A masternode allows you to earn money by simply holding the currency you have inside of what's called a masternode and running a server for it. If we go to masternodes.pro we can see the options that exist for masternodes.

The number one, the first currency to have masternodes was Dash. I had a Dash masternode and it earned a lot between the rewards and the masternodes rewards in just four months. If I would have held them, but I didn't, they'd be worth something like $10,000 today, in just four months of rewards.

However, you have to pay $350,000 now to get a Dash masternode. I've paid $11,000 and sold at $87,000, you can do the math for yourself. These are the current masternodes available, many of which provide really good opportunities at the risk of the price plummeting.

This is a Linda node, which costs $10,000 today.

It says it pays out $886 a day.

I recommend doing research into these because if the price plummets, for example, if the node goes down to being worth a thousand dollars, the rewards will go down at a corresponding rate.

If the coin is massively inflating, the masternode rewards might barely keep up with inflation. That said, some of these can be a really good opportunity if you do want to invest, getting a masternode on a currency you love can be an outstanding way to do it.

Linda masternode appears to be the highest ROI, 3,207%, at least today, on September 2.

You can look on masternodes.pro, there's a bunch of different masternodes.

Eternity is one you can get for $400, it pays out $1.40 every day.

Here's one $854 for Crave, it pays out about $3 a day.

Here's another one, Neutron, for a few thousand, it pays out about $8 a day.

These payouts are in the prices today. If the prices spike, the payouts could be a lot higher. If the prices plummet, the payouts could be a lot lower.

You may need to set up servers with these nodes, which might require some Linux experience, it might require hosting. For each masternode, you'd want to check into exactly what's required on it.

Make sure you want to be a part of that currency. As you can see there are lots of different masternodes available, some of which don't even seem to pay out that good.

For example this one, Cream, with a $2,600 node it only pays out $0.08.

However, some of these masternodes can have features that are not obvious right away, such as Dash's masternodes voting on budget proposals, a very powerful ability.

Some of these masternodes may have things in addition to that. If you want to get started and figure out where to go, this chart on masternodes.pro may be helpful.

I considered getting a PIVX masternode when it was at $1.20. It's $3.08 today, with $5 payouts.

I opted to put into Steem instead. Everyone who's cussed me out on my videos and said how awful my decisions are, "Hey, I'm just an ordinary person!"

You're right, sometimes I make really crappy decisions. When we look at how things are today, sometimes I make really good decisions. We all have our ups and downs.

Masternodes.pro is a good place to start, if you want to look into a masternode. You can get a masternode on some of these for as little as a few hundred dollars.

You can actually get one on ArcticCoin for under a hundred dollars.

Be aware, there may be other critical requirements that can help out.

We began with two methods that are relatively easy to get started with, and sometimes easy to make good earnings with.

I will get into some methods now that are much more difficult to get started with, but that have huge earning potential.

Each of these methods I'm going to show has earned me anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 plus in the last year with huge upward potential, but they take a lot more effort getting started with.

#3: Make Videos on YouTube, Earn Ad Revenue & Consulting Income

The number three way is, make videos and tutorials for free, and then earn either ad revenue or consulting income.

This is what I'm doing right now, as I make this video live on YouTube, as I make this video for Facebook. Then, I will even put this into a tutorial post on Steem, to combine all of my earnings together in one spot.

These are the stats on my YouTube channel, I'm grateful for whatever you've contributed to that in the last 28 days.

$2,000 in ad revenue.

I've had a channel for six years, and I've spent over $40,000 on YouTube ads to get a lot of my videos up there and ranked. Now, these are the results I get mostly for free.

The beauty of doing this is maximum reach. As you can see, this one video I did in the first month already has earned $159 in ad revenue, then several other videos consistently earning money from ad revenue.

As you can see, each video is often earning $50 or $100 a month up here in the top.

Now when you first start off, in your very first video or two, you're not likely to get these results. However, if you keep doing video, after video, after video, you've got a chance not just to get ad revenue, but to get consulting clients. If you put your email or a phone number in there, if you put a website, you can get consulting clients who will hire you to ask an advice, ask questions about cryptocurrencies, and advice on what the newest strategies are.

If you do high-quality videos, you'll receive all kinds of opportunities related to doing the videos. I'm grateful today to have that situation and at the same time, it's difficult for me to even process a fraction of the opportunities that come in, and I'm fairly closed to getting new opportunities directly through my videos because I already have so much to do. I can barely do my own ideas for my own followers and let alone collaborate with others.The big downside of this strategy is that it's often slow to start.

Just putting out free video tutorials often can be really disheartening in the beginning as hardly anyone watches them, as there's hardly any feedback, but keep doing it over and over again and you'll be amazed at the snowball effect. That first video, all of a sudden just can blow up and blow up and blow up, and give you fantastic results.

I did a tutorial on Poloniex, just a live tutorial making some trades, I didn't think anything of it, I was just doing tutorial videos every day on one thing or another. Now, one of the largest audiences on my YouTube channel is from these cryptocurrency tutorials. The beauty of this strategy is that you can consistently adapt it to whatever you're doing.

If you decide you want to stop doing cryptocurrencies, start teaching music, you can do that. You can do whatever you want with video tutorials. Now, some have more or less opportunities than others. Cryptocurrencies are hot right now, there's no telling what will be hot next week or next month.

Cryptocurrencies are hot now, and the way to keep in the game is to always be learning and growing and trying new things, and then just looking at the data will show where the best opportunities are.

I'm grateful for all the minutes watched on YouTube that have helped me see, the cryptocurrency videos I do are some of the most appreciated.

Therefore, making videos, especially video tutorials, one of the very most powerful ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies, without having to invest anything. Although if you do invest and combine all these strategies together, they work ridiculously well.

Now, we're going into a really heavy-hitting strategy.

#2: Sell Video Courses Related in Teaching Cryptocurrencies

The number two strategy is, sell video courses related in teaching cryptocurrencies.

This one has been for me the single most profitable in terms of amount of effort versus the results.

I'm grateful that last month alone, from one specific course on one website Stackcommerce, I got $8,400 in earnings. That's all profit after their fees, I've already made the course.

If I look at my University on my own website, in the last three or four months since I've launched it, $18,000.

That is not all profit, that's revenue, I have to take out lots of other costs such as hosting for this. However, this has been a miracle for me and my business financially. I'm very grateful for it and I hope my courses have been helpful.

Teaching video courses is a huge opportunity on cryptocurrencies today, because there's really high demand and relatively low supply.

On my University of Jerry Banfield, a lot of my new courses have been about cryptocurrency investing. I have a complete cryptocurrency investing course, I've got an earn Steem course, I've got a mining course and I have several more cryptocurrency courses.

(Free coupon for Steemians attached to the two links above)

It's not just an opportunity unique for me though, I'll go show you over here a little research on udemy.com, which I made over $2 million in sales before they banned me.

Now, using the udemy.com calculator, that I've got access to here with another account that I don't use, but just for tutorial purposes, you can see the top course on Udemy is earning $25,779 a month.

Now, that's nice to see the upward potential, but the median revenue is a much more accurate figure.

The median course is earning $708 a month. That means you have a very good chance to earn at least $200 or $300 a month to be below average, by creating a cryptocurrency course and putting it on Udemy.

Now, this counts all the existing courses that have already been up for years and who've worked their way up to thousands of dollars per month. A new course that's well done though, could easily earn several thousand dollars a month.

If you combine that with self-hosting your own courses as I'm doing, then you've got a huge earning potential from selling video courses online.

Therefore, the number two method in earning $2,000 plus from cryptocurrencies without trading is by far, teaching video courses about cryptocurrencies.

Now, what do you think the number one method is?

I bet a lot of you know what the number one method is already if you've watched some of my videos.

If you already know it, I'll show you a new trick I just learned that is the absolute easiest way to earn with it.

#1: Steem


Steemit.com is by far the best way I've found for most of us. Now, personally, video courses work really good when combined with everything else. However, for the long-term, I believe Steemit will even beat video courses by far.

Steemit is by far the best way I see to earn money with cryptocurrencies.

Now, I'll show you several different ways to do it depending on where you are at, and I'll explain the opportunity. This is also where I am invested, I have $81,000 in my Steemit wallet today.

This is where my money is because this is by far, in my opinion, the best opportunity.

Now, I'll show you something, this is what really makes it work though.

Let's compare, I'm holding my Steem on Bittrex so I can do any kind of tutorials if I want to, I can buy and sell it over here if I want to.

If we're just holding our money on an exchange, the only way we make money is if the price goes up.

That sucks, because if the price goes down, we're strictly losing money. Now if we have a better system set up, it doesn't even matter if the price goes up or down, in fact, there are opportunities with the price going up and down.

Here are a few ways we can earn with Steem.

Blogging on Steemit

Number one, you can just blog on Steem.

I'm grateful for so many upvoters on Steem that have upvoted so many of my posts.

Now, I'm at the higher end of the author earnings today, I realize things can change, so this is the higher end of the author opportunity.

Still, in this scenario, blogging is essentially the new mining. I am making posts on Steem that are earning an average of about $100 plus each, and I've been doing it for months.

Now, you starting out might not get the same results immediately. However, I've seen story after story of making Steem a part-time or full-time income opportunity.

Here's one that I love.

In this last upvotable post, @barrysamways talks about how being featured in a recent post helped motivate him to work and consistently earn more.

There are tons of opportunities to be an author on Steemit today. I post about a lot of them whenever I get the chance.

I'll show you this doesn't just work for me.

If you go back a few months on Barry Samways' blog, you can see that two months ago he was posting these sketches and he wasn't earning very much of it.

He posted and tried over and over again.

These are kind of normal starting out results. Him sharing his artwork that he enjoys doing anyway.

Then two months ago, he got this tutorial featured in my upvotable. I upvoted him and gave him $5 on this one post here, which up till this time I believe was more than he'd earned on any of his posts.

Now, look what happens after this.

He makes another cryptocurrency article and I upvote him again. At this point, you might think that with all these posts he's only earned $10, not that great of a deal.

He continues to post.

Now, this one he gets a $30 upvote, this one he gets a $32 upvote, and this one he gets a $35 upvote.

As you'll notice, he keeps posting.

Then, he earns $119 on this one, $133 and $116 on two other posts.

All of a sudden, after all these drawings he's done, he starts earning anywhere from $3 on this one to upwards of $100 on several posts.

This is not something that's just working for me.

This is working for a bunch of other authors too.

If you compare it to the relevant comparison of blogging, try going on your WordPress website, post something and see how much money you make off of that.

I have 500 plus posts on JerryBanfield.com, I can't prove to you they've made more than a couple of hundred dollars in several years. Steemit is the best blogging opportunity I've ever seen. That's why I'm writing two or three posts a day. That is one way to earn with Steemit.

Now let's say, "Jerry, I don't want to write. I just have money, I just want to invest it and I just want to make money back."

Loaning Steem Power with Minnow Booster

Here's something I just found that is awesome, it's called "Minnow Booster."

You can loan out the Steem Power in your wallet and get paid Steem back.

I'll show you how I'm doing this.

This is my wallet and I have got 54,000 Steem Power over here. I loaned out 35,000 of it, which is just over half of it.

You can see exactly what I'm getting out of it. I'm getting 30 Steem a day out of that loan. That is approximately $40 to $45 a day that I'm getting by loaning out my Steem Power.

I didn't actually have to give my money out, I gave out my voting power. That means the money is still in my wallet. I still have control of it. I didn't even actually loan my money, I loaned my voting power and that's making me $40 or $50 a day.

Now compare that to the relevant comparison of this Steem sitting in my wallet on Bittrex, it is doing nothing. If the price goes down, I lose money.

Now with this, if the price goes down I can actually buy more Steem and loan more Steem Power out, and then I have it to use it to vote.

If you just want to invest and make money very quickly without taking hardly any time, here's the sweet system to do it.

Buy up Steem whenever the price is low. Take a look on the market, see whenever the price drops, it did a good drop recently.

If you put in and grab a good amount of Steem, I'll run the calculator for you to show how much you can make.

Let's take a look at the current price today, and I'll do the math behind this because I find the math is very powerful.

When you see all the math on these different systems, it really adds up.

Let's look, what is the current price of Steem?

I'll look at my witness, my price feed says it's $1.35.

I loaned out 35,000 Steem Power times $1.35, that means that it'd cost you $47,000 to buy that much.

When you loan that out, you're getting about 30 Steem Power back.

That's $40 a day and if you times that by 365, that's $47,000 in and that's $14,000 out. That's a really good interest rate.

Now the best part is that you can stop loaning it at any time, you can buy more, but from a simple ROI point of view, that's a 31% or so return every year.

Now if you factor in some of the little slowdowns you have to pay, it's actually NETT APR 24%. If you have to re-delegate it repeatedly, right now when you fill this four week offers you have to re-delegate them repeatedly which adds in a week cool down.

However, there may be a way around that I'm looking at. If you re-delegate a smaller amount, that might be possible, but they might have also control for that.

Anyway, if you just want to make a guaranteed return, this to me as an investor looks like an awesome thing and that's why I'm doing it. I want to give this a try and see how it works, so far it's working really good. Earning 30 Steem a day right now from this, is outstanding.

Becoming a Steem Witness

Now, if that's not enough, here's another way to earn off of Steem.

Instead of doing proof of work mining and competition like most of the other cryptocurrencies do, Steem has witnesses.

Steem has proof of stake and then delegated proof of stake, which means upvoting.

Now, as a witness on Steem, you basically need to do similar work to set up your masternode. I've got a Ubuntu Linux server on Steem, and then I'm as a witness.

Now, this is where it's really powerful to combine all these together. I realize if you just set up your witness server, you'll have a difficult time initially even getting up into this part of the earnings. Currently, I'm making about $30 a day as a witness. Now I've got a real fancy server setup.

If you multiply $30 by 30 days, and then subtract my hosting costs, which are about $540, then I'm making about $400 a month currently as a witness. Compared to some of the other things I've shown you, it isn't that much. However, with the witness, it combines powerfully with all the rest of what we're doing in Steem.

If we buy some Steem Power and invest in loaning out, we can then vote for ourselves as a witness on our full Steem Power even though it's loaned out.

On top of that, we can do things like post witness updates.

I'm grateful this witness update earned almost $200, which if we look at the other witness updates, lots of other witness updates have also earned good money as well.

Now, it takes a little while to start out as a witness. However, if you combine that with everything else I've shown in Steem, Steemit.com, the Steem wallet, the associated services, this is by far the very best way I've found.

You can start this with zero and just be an author, and just post if you want to. You can start it out and grab a server, you can do it as an investor, there are so many powerful ways to do it.

I personally think this is going to go up at least 10 more times fairly soon based on the data I've looked at and shown on other videos.


I think I've effectively communicated the five ways to earn money in cryptocurrencies without trading:

- Referral programs or affiliate programs

- Masternodes

- Making videos, video tutorials or tutorial posts

- Selling courses, especially on your own, on Stackcommerce or on Udemy

- Posting on Steem

These are five ways to earn $2,000 plus in cryptocurrencies without having to trade.

Thank you very much for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below!

The feedback on the video was so positive that I spent about $100 to get this post created for you here out of the video, and then edited it prior to publishing! I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


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Thank you Yasir for your kind feedback here along with your upvote and resteem! I am very grateful also for your trust setting me as your proxy at https://steemit.com/~witnesses

The song with 4.6 billion streams worldwide,"Despacito".Want to know how it became such a huge hit?Check down the link below:

The song with 4.6 billion streams worldwide,"Despacito".Want to know how it became such a huge hit?Check down the link below:

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Sharon for maximizing earnings, it might help to rent the Steem Power and then use that to upvote posts and build relationships with other authors. One reason I get a lot of upvotes is that authors upvoting are building a relationship with me which I then return with more of my own upvotes. I leased out my Steem Power out as a test and because I struggle to do a good job with curation. The reason to rent Steem Power is that the person renting it can use it to earn much more than what the lessor is getting paid. Thus, it might be ideal to try renting some out and use it to build deeper relationships by upvoting other authors and upvoting ourselves to get our return!

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Sharon thank you for asking more and I will make sure to cover this in a post as soon as I can! The short answer is to build deeper relationships with other authors through consistent upvotes which has a high chance of resulting in them returning the favor! The idea is with higher voting power that it becomes easier and easier to earn more upvotes from other authors.

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All of us have money, even if it is just a few cents or dollars, and therefore all of us are in a good position to use money to make money IF we are willing to give up unnecessary expenses. For example, to invest in Steem, I have given up putting my money into retirement, nights out at the bar, living in a larger house, video games, cable TV, bottled water, and many more smaller expenses that add up to a lot.

Very insightful comments on little things that we can cut out of our daily lives that can help us be successful later on.

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Right on Barry! Thank you for helping me understand the value I am contributing also because no matter how much success we have it is easy to get used to it and forget the good we are doing versus where we are trying to go.

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