The New OS of Healthcare is ETHEAL

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The power of health care is wealth. The blockchain is now envisaged to experience a new wave of system for healthcare provision. This is what the Etheal platform offers for all health practitioners and users. Etheal is here to provide health tourism in a more diverse and modernized manner. It also is unique and creatively wonderful for the health users. The Etheal structure is created by its team via the blockchain to meet the vast teaming populace to meet the health needs and provision of drugs generally. The Etheal is noted as the new OS of healthcare on the blockchain template. It is the functionality of $7.6 Trillion healthcare system on the global scale. The Etheal is essentially placed to meet needs of general health provision. This is to examine meet the increasing health needs as government cannot meet these needs alone. The Etheal provides the availability owning health tokens which can be used worldwide. it also provides sustained implementation planning of providing drugs, training personnel and equipping hospitals with the right drugs with skilled manpower needed. It will generally provide the place of complete health infrastructure for the masses. The Etheal will navigate and explore all avenues to keeping improving the scientific research process for medicine and other related medical practices. This is to grow the healthcare sector on a global scale. It is also envisaged to meet the prospects and visions identified for health infrastructure and its growth process. Etheal essentially provides the enduring place of complete overhauling on the healthcare industry. This is the multiple approach to meeting all forms of health needs which translate into the elemental form of social amenities and drug provisions. Thus, Etheal starts its Presale and ICO in earnest. Hence, investors, contributors and users plus eventual customers are to purchase tokens for financial platforming as the Etheal industry platform will shape the way and manner all health related processes are done via the blockchain. This is the focus and mirror image of the Etheal platform and team vision. Thus, it is a new day and an awakening. It is the Etheal.

Etheal’s core apps:

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