Pump vs influence marketing

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I wanted to write this because everything isn't a pump and a dump just because someone is asking others to buy the coin.

A pump and dump is usually done on a low volume shit coin and if you buy into something on an unreal high you have to assume the risks involved. I do not nor will i ever advocate that pump and dumps are okay. The confusion though is that if someone talks about a coin they are pumping and dumping is simply not true.

2015-04-06 19.39.01.jpg

The fine line is much like this penny standing on the rail should it be standing on a surface that isn't made for it probably not ,and that is the line that the confusion starts.

Looking at the charts many times in cryptocurrency price increases or decreases really don't make sense. Is this coin really worth the value that the market is currently placing upon it, and only you can really determine that for you. Does the coin have enough value to you to take the risk vs reward at that price.

Influence marketing is really popular in business now a days a world where Instagram celebs get 50k plus to endorse a product or service. Youtubers get paid to push a product or the power they have just endorsing something they love.

The misconception that a Youtuber is a pump and dumper just because they make a video saying I am buying this and I think you should also ,but never invest more then you can afford to lose isn't pumping and dumping. You can have the pump without the dump of course the coin will be pumped some and may raise above the today's value ,but if you're long term investing it's tommorrows value and the value in the next year that you are banking on.

Thank you for reading I hope this made some sense ,and you can understand where this little minnow is coming from

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