My crytocurrency story and what my current plans are.

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Like many i was aware of bitcoin quite a few years back ,but really didn't know much about it. I saw it was something that didn't have merit and was a joke, but truthfully I was ignorant of the whole block chain technology.

My first and only fiat to cypto transaction so far has been 50 dollars from coinbase where i got around .19 eth at the price 262 which i thought was a steal. I then decided that ETH was just dropping to much and split that into golem and Decred which also was dropping. I kept my 26 shares of golem ,but changed my Decred into Doge and bought verge. I actually feel good about holding onto verge for how ever long it takes and that sets my mind at ease.

The Cypto market is a mind game only invest what you are comfortable of losing (check) It isn't getting rich overnight (check) Don't obsess over every dip or bloodbath that the market goes through. (check)

I feel like I am comfortable with the way my portfolio is currently even if i am -22 dollars at the current prices. You don't lose money unless you cash it all out. I feel like i am setup to make the 22 dollars back and more ,but it will take time. The Marketcap may not fully recover for weeks or months ,but I see it being way bigger than it once was. I say it is a good time to invest for your future, your childrens' future, and the worlds' future

Over the last couple days we seen a small recovery where the community of coins or people are seeing many coins as undervalued and that is a good sign. I still say go off the new data we collected over that last few days and don't bank on anything during the marketcap boom.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.
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