Chaincoin is dead..devs are inactive...chc is a pump and dump...

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Listen chaincoin is dead the gravestone now reads RIP CHC 2017 oh no the Hodlers lost a friend today. Max is grieving for close friend that is no longer there. Max can no longer get highoncoins as his depression is to strong prayers for Max people. Call your local church and lets get Max on their prayer chains.

Devs haven't been active for years it has no development team there will be no more future updates. All of the devs are no longer there Chaincoin is an orphan without a family to call their own.

CHC is just a pump and dump it's a scam don't fall for it.

In memory of Chaincoin 2017, in the last of days many hodlers no longer held they got scared, they were afraid , they no longer had their mom's hands to hold onto. In memory of a community revolution a movement that became bigger than the creator. A movement that is just about patience and holding on dear life, A movement about fighting back and a community winning not 1 person, not 2 people , but everyone in the community winning. Are you tired of losing, Are you tired of being tired because Chaincoin isn't dead as CHC rose again and lives on forever and ever.

Max would never be depressed over CHC because he would never invest more then he was ok with losing. Never invest more than you are ok to lose. Max the leader of la vida CHC or the GREAT CRYPTO EXPERIMENT of 2017 lives and can still get Highoncoins. Thankyou max for everything you do and have done.

Devs have been on slack and updated a wallet and are more active than ever trying to support the vision of old and anew.

CHC is not and never was a pump and dump or a scam. Math on master nodes and income from holding is real.

If you would like to join the movement all you have to do is buy CHC on

I am not saying buy CHC or don't buy CHC i am saying don't believe all the negatives and hates. show positives and love lets make a great cypto community.

I am very greatful to to on steemit and loving it more everyday.

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