XAYA: Next-Generation Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Platform

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xaya vision Imagine countlees milicns of players competing and cooperating in deoentraliced virtual realitiee that run serverless andunstoppable In prevably fair environments they usether skill and intelligence to harvest resources and acquire rare artefacts that hold real world value What if derelopers provide autonomous decentra ised wcrlds rich in tradable virtual items for gamers? what if developers could go from concept to lesson and for less money without worrying about infrastructure costs (and as the account administration)? What if we could offer true awnership, simplo and safo trading methods for gamers to convert virtual items into real world value through a complete fexible syste? If the beth games and dedupers could shoe in the first place, would it be worthwhile to get new revenue and participate in the new aconomie? What if we could have a real and growing demand for a cryptocurrency, irquiring its utility and value for users.

What is XAYA

According to the creators of XAYA, they are those innovators. XAYA proposes not a minor adaptation to an already existing Blockchain, which seems to be the preferred go-to for many crypto-gaming projects at the moment. XAYA uses its own blockchain, the XAYA blockchain. It’s made by the developers who, before dedicating themselves to XAYA, created HunterCoin, which was a really early and fairly popular cryptogame.


With blockchain hand in hand with this platform the virtual world and that of videogames will change significantly due to its expansion in a scalable way that flows with this technology. It does not limit the games or its players which will be ingenious because that is why there are negatives in different games for having an exact amount of players and having some level to play or have assets but XAYA ARRIVED TO CHANGE THIS WORLD.

Why XAYA will conquer the gaming industry

As listed above, XAYA offers many features that would be very beneficial for games. Additionally, there are quite some features that would definitely make XAYA more attractive than other blockchain platforms for developers to release their games on.

Firstly, XAYA offers a relatively easy way of coding games on the blockchain, supporting multiple traditional ways of coding and not having to do all the difficult blockchain work. XAYA allows developers to use any programming language they like, opposed to pretty much any other blockchain gaming platform, which usually only allow one programming language and require a lot of smart contract knowledge.

On the second hand, XAYA utilises its self-created and peer-reviewed technology called “Game channels”, which basically includes the creation of private sidechains, which are able to record and handle moves in a fraudless way without compromising a lot of space in the main network.

That makes the lives of developers a lot easier, since it makes the creation of games more convenient, but it also allows for more complex and advanced games, which is what gamers would love. The cryptocollectibles were nice demonstrations of blockchain technology, but definitely not games. XAYA allows for actual games to be handled on the Blockchain.


Blockchain existence is wide and to that end, it offers great benefits to every part of human existence.

Among its great features which include security, scalability, interoperability and ease in access, any platform it partners with is sure going to boom.

Its technological advancement cuts across the gaming industry and the synergistic partnership with the gaming industry will go a long way in helping the growth of both parties.

Relatively, there is a blockchain technology carefully addresses all these challenges listed above and offers a lasting solution to many others, I present to XAYA


through addressing the vides gaming market is very attractive and is estimated at $ 108 C Hillon pet anrum with a 2016-2020 forecast of 6.2% CAGA "(Compound Amual Growth Rate 78% YoY) in 2017 This is a part of mobile gaming, which accresens for $ 353 bilion with a 22 % YoY growth, and the lowering cost of computing platforms thus ircressing their accessibility to arger human populations. Estimates of the current desktop computer gaming share vary fr om 24.8 to $ 33,7 bilion 'The general message, owever, is a consistent one, inasmuch as there are sgnifcan: opportunities and potentially billions per annum of opportunity.
Player numbered for bot subscription and freemium model World of Warcraftfor example was about 12 milicn subscribers in 0110 games tend to be Freemium models have emerged as a significant means of generating revenue.

The atomic transaction allows for trustless transactions of gaming items and also affords users the opportunity to negotiate with the items and tokens of the game with the token system.

Road map




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