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RE: Chart Of The Day: Forbid USD, It Is Used For Drug Buying!

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago

Actually, there are elements in the economy that want to eliminate cash. Then all of your transactions would be done account to account. It seems harmless enough until your account gets frozen, or the impose new fees or negative interest rates where you are charged for having money in an account. That has already happened in Japan! Yes, I use those conveniences too, and I pay fees at the bank, but I also keep cash for when the system fails (and it has). So be careful what you propose, even if it’s to make a (very) valid point!


I was not really serious about the prohibition of fiat. A balanced portfolio of different assets is mostly the best choice.

I agree. It’s that there may be others who have not thought it through as well. I did like the piece regardless - it made the right point!

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