GIN: The Turnkey Masternode Platform

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Hey Crypto Lovers!

Today’s blog post is about GINcoin (Ticker name: GIN), the turnkey Masternode coin! This coin supports a platform in which investors can set up a Masternode with just the click of a mouse. But the Masternode selection is not limited to GIN. Investors can use the platform to set up a number of different Masternodes, including LPC, PIVX, DASH, PHORE and more!

Here is a snapshot of the GIN Masternode platform:


The platform also rates projects into a tier, with tier 1 being coins with existing use cases, and Tier 2 being promising coins with use cases still under development. This feature saves investors a lot of research time, as it is all found in one place!

GinCoin itself is a two-tier 50% POW, 50% POS coin. The first tier of the network consists of the miners, who generate new blocks. The second tier is the staking and Masternode holders, whose contributions enable features like Instant Send and Private Send.


Gin is breaking down the barriers of masternode ownership. With their easy to use platform, investors can obtain a masternode in a trustless platform without any knowledge of code. The only barrier remaining is financial, as investors have to obtain the required coin collateral to run their node. But coming soon, GIN will begin to support Shared Masternodes! Keep an eye out!


At the time of this article, GIN is trading for ~$2.80.

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**Always do your own research before making any investment!

For more information about Gin:

Masternode Statistics:

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