Blockchain Technology: Friend or Foe?

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How would you feel if I told you that the Blockchain was being spied upon, you would probably laugh out loud and reply..

”Does that REALLY matter?”

And your next response would probably be..

*”Besides I can post whatever I wish on platforms such as Steemit, or Reddit, and it’s nothing that can be done about it.

So now I’m laughing out loud, in that answer, because I know that isn’t quite true. And the reason I feel this way is because what we say and does indeed impact others, whether it’s minnows, dolphins, or whales, verbal expression whether positive or negative will LITERALLY rule the day.

This idea came to me after I was watching this video on YouTube, and made me take an even harder look into such technologies like the blockchain, and wanted to see if it was constricted technology governed by the one-percenters (or high / hidden society families who for hundreds of years ruled anything from financial institutions, to valuable resources such gold, silver, copper, bronze, even oil.)

Technology was always on the list however it would advance over time, and who always had first ”dibbs” on it? Well I just gave you the answer to that one in the previous paragraph above this one LOL.

Anything we have now like desktops, laptops, smartphones, I-pad’s, you name it, is the hand-me-down at best technology at the current moment.

4G smartphones, are in doubt impressive in their functionality, but is still a hand-me-down piece of technology. The REAL POWERFUL technology is constantly being shielded from us, and is instead used against us in ways we couldn’t comprehend.

There’s another aspect to all of this as well, and it’s NOT just smart devices that are being targeted in various ways, in the case of Blockchain Technology, you can IMMEDIATELY associate the next term that aligns perfectly with it, and that's the avid usage of cryptocurrencies which has become a HUGE investment option for many people who are tired of having their financial assets managed by the phony bank institutions who are under the employ of our very own Government, and this of course is nothing new under the sun.

You see every since there's been banking entities of the last few hundred years, they always had one thing in mind to ensure they’re best interests in growth and survival, they needed us the customers to entrust in them with our hard earned money, and we in turn EXPECT them to hold onto that money we have placed in an account which we have the option to later to either deposit financial funds / or withdraw funds from to say buy what we save up to get, whether it’s going towards buying a car, putting down a loan toward buying a house, or maybe your growing a financial portfolio by investing in CD loans etc.

Early innovators like Mayer Amschel Rothschild, were already anticipating things as such that would eventually bring us to the modern times today as his family lineage has taken over high-prominent companies and organizations over countless decades (among a few Goldman-Sachs, various Fortune 500 companies, and who could deny the secret on-goings of Silicon Valley, yeah these are just a few players who aligned themselves with these early bird entrepreneurs.)

Once Mayer finished establishing the banking system around the core of the Rothschild Dynasty, it was just a matter of maintaining what he worked hard to acquire. I mean no one could blame him "per se", however at the same time this banking family would exploit, corrupt, and mislead a lot of other hungry entrepreneurs who were simply looking for the same thing..


The base of the corruption would seep into the abstract veins of our trustworthy Government overtime, and would basically make it near impossible for anyone to get a "grasp" on these wonderful opportunities that could pay them thousands of times over and over again.

So you see.. Fast forward all the way up till now, and what do you notice?

- Companies and various organizations are backed by the Government (who primarily depend on banking institutions) to keep their door open for business are, while at the same time they’re "financially raping" the hard working citizens of the supposed land of great opportunity, which in 80% of Americans minds know that's a bunch of "BS" because without us -- THEY CAN'T SURVIVE! "IRS" is often used here against the middle class to nickel and dime us to death to pay for silly shit businesses drudge up for themselves which is financial debt, MOST OF WHICH is created by them, banking institutions, and meaningless causes such as manipulating us to fund --> climate change, but the kicker there is that climate change models which are used to base this hypothesis keep coming out to be inaccurate.. If that's the case, why in the hell should we throw our money away on falsified theories that truly don't apply to their own narrative of truth? Yeah, can you say SUCKER, because that's what these dingbat scientists envision the majority of the general population to be dummies, however these "so-called" experts are the REAL bumbling idiots who's theories have fail time and time again, so they grow desperate trying to come up with some type of BOGUS resource crisis for the entire planet, and the words you hear coming out of their mouths is so FOUL it makes EXTREMELY BAD MORNING BREATH smell like minty fresh "Irish Spring" bathing soap -- and that's on it's worst day!

- They'll continue to use financial tactics against us -- which we know is SO TRUE right? Fiat Cash was always controlled by the big banking organizations, then the financial enforcers "dubbed" --> IRS was brought into play to keep us compliant if we owed any expenses, scare tactics are demonstrated against us forcing us to pay constant high raising interests rates ESPECIALLY when you looking to take out a loan at the bank, credit cards are no different because they carry interest rates, the WORST THING one could ever do is make multiple high-end purchases with their credit card, despite the fact that they have already dug a gigantic hole for themselves to fall in because they know that they DO NOT have revenue to pay the --> monthly statements that is billed to them (that's why it's better to NOT GO OVERBOARD when you get a credit card in your hands LOL.) Late fees makes the situation no better, and will contribute to the build up of financial expenses, this is one of the easiest ways people fall into that debt trap of despair, in which they find it IMPOSSIBLE to claw they're way out of it.

- What about the political aspect to all of this? You have to know by now that following the "correct political narrative", has become expected of us as well. If you choose NOT to follow particular political factions, or NOT adopting selective thinking type attitudes -- which makes you a follower / dependent person if you do because that type of thinking is promoted by grouped individuals and NOT the single independent thinking individual. And you may be wondering why I'm bringing this up, or better yet you're saying.. What does this have to do with anything financial? Truth be told, it has 100% to do with it. Who ever possesses money is LITERALLY a target, the more you possess, the more a target you'll become. You must know that rich folks have great influence over the social norm, these are your entertainers, congressmen and women, or any other prominent figure that command the attention of their audience --> YOU <-- that show you their lifestyle, how they live in luxury and boast about NOT having to work a 9 to 5 you name it. But how REALLY happy are they? A better question is about their financial fortune, can it be taken away from them easily? I would say of course it can, because we've all heard the popular phrase fame and fortune, here today, gone tomorrow -- matter of fact it's one of the lyric lines to David Bowie's song FAME.

You see the money they acquire is "capped" and "controlled" by those who are WAY more prominent than them. The lesser rich serve as followers and lackeys who MUST show absolute loyalty to remain relevant and wealthy, this answers your next obvious question.. Yes, their financial wealth is managed not by them, but by those who got them to where they are today.

I wanted you to understand the ideologies talked about in the three bulletin paragraphs to the "T" about the importance of garnering your own money with the help of cryptocurrency investing, and yeah it's going to be the MAJORITY who have little or no faith when generating your own cash flow that's NOT controlled by the greedy Government, nor greedy ass families such as the Rothschilds who look to seize everything from you, and leave you dependent upon them (the obvious way for them to do that would be to enforce a "New World Order", upon YOU giving your life and your freedom over to them to control entirely.)

As for the blockchain aspect, it's nothing more than a "ledger base software", designed to support "certain" cryptocurrencies, and NOTICE I didn't say "all", NOT all cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain technology (Ripple, IOTA) are just two types of cryptos that don't rely on blockchain technology. Ripple is ACTUALLY operated by bank institutions, while IOTA operates on the technology known as "tangle", which claims to be more efficient in terms of figuring out mathematical calculations, it's basically a stand alone non-blockchain crypto that's grabbing a lot of attention lately.

Like I said before, blockchain technology has been around for a long while (50+ some odd years), this software comparatively serves as a "ledger", and ledgers are used to keep track on various business transactions which are associated heavily with the principals of accounting. It's also a technology that can be used to monitor activity, AND THIS IS WHERE THE CONCERN SETS IN BIG TIME. So despite the act that the blockchain has helped many to acquire wealth (thus the "user-friendly part") where you're allowed to trade valuable crypto coins to consumers who are looking to buy bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc. There's the downside part of it where our GREEDY GOVERNMENT now wants to sanction laws against cryptocurrency traders, and the answer is basic as to why that is.

See the Government, and business owed giants want to keep you from achieving financial stability and growth. Ever since the world of cryptocurrencies surfaced, it was IMMEDIATELY attacked by the BOGUS mainstream media saying that it would be the downfall of society. I'm thinking, isn't it the other way around? We been getting ripped off, and fed massive lies that wind up affecting our financial portfolios.

People are tired of being controlled in that manner, cryptocurrencies was a ray of light to get around the BULLSHIT when you go to start a self-owned business (such as going into the business of crypto trading.)

And this is the reason why they're fixating laws around it is because THEY CANNOT CONTROL CRYPTOCURRENCY TECHNOLOGY, which of course scares the hell out of them because like every others forms of currency whether it's fiat, credit, and I'll even go a far as to through in Ripple, because after all the banks control that particular crypto, and you know banks are in bed with "govey", so maybe they have control over that particular one due to that circumstance.

I believe they're planting agents to visit these sites, and report back name of crypto traders who participate as "traders" on various sites on the net. It's a lowdown tactic, but I thinking they're taking it a HUGE step forward to
flush out users, and target them with criminal content when trading crypto coins with a buyer online. To enforce their policies further could be left up to the Government's lackey the IRS.

Blockchain Technology can be used for to either fuel financial corruption that work against you, or vice-versa when it's used manage transactions of crypto coins between trader and the buyer (which was going on way before "govey" decided it wants to bog it down with forbidden laws and BOGUS restrictions that can now get one caught up in a serious financial disposition, which could lead to incarceration which is BULLSHIT!!)

It's done this way to keep YOU discouraged, controlled, and fed the constant notion that YOU ARE NOT WORTHY to becoming self-sufficient, and therefore should let governing entities rule over you which again is UTTER BULLSHIT.

Just because they can come in and spy on cryptotraders, taking down their names, trying to have them prosecuted by factions such as the IRS, IS NOT GOING TO KEEP THEM DOWN.

I think it'll be the opposite where they will be MORE motivated to push through with their wants, their right to make a living for themselves, this also brands them as hardcore entrepreneurs that will unite a union of cryptotraders that will keep their focus, and the eye on the prize.

Whether or not Blockchain Technology could labeled as good or bad, it hard to say, and I think that would have to be left up to other cryptocurrency entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish themselves in this niche market.

Personally, I don't really think they're worried about being "spied on" by big brother --> "govey". People have MORE important things to think about and at the top of that list is surviving the evil factors who want to see us fall flat on our faces, only to THEN offer us the chance to relinquish their "will power" over to them so they can SUPPOSEDLY take care of us, because they feel that we're too "f ing" stupid to take of ourselves, and I'd say..


Don't fear the blockchain folks, your future depends on it!



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