2018 Coin Giants Could Be Big Winners

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With the increase of Bitcoin going up (well it has been fluctuating in the market lately, so do keep that in mind), crypto investors are taking note.

However, it's not just them taking notice of the high-fees the famed coin has been occurring, they're realizing how it affecting their business on a grand level.

This of course was bound to happen, any cryptocurrency - including Bitcoin has the potential to soar higher than one might expect. In fact, it's expected to happen and investor will basically be faced with the common choice. Either they move away from Bitcoin, and search out newer less expensive coins which in turn can be collected and held until it's time for it to "climb up in value" in the market (this are inexpensive coins that should prompt you to buy and store it, due to the fact that they will eventually mature in value later time.)

Remember to always back up any crypto addresses on an offline storage device (FOR ENSURING THE SAFETY OF YOUR FINANCIAL ASSETS!)

Neo, as well as other South Korean cryptocurrencies are reeling in MORE and MORE investors, like I said before about Bitcoin, IT WOULD BECOME THE STANDARD COIN. This doesn't mean you should only stick with Bitcoin of course.

But you SHOULD consider cheaper alternatives that won't break the bank, this predominately applies to any of the online businesses out there who were previously hinging on purchasing Bitcoin, and applying it to your business endeavor in whatever way best seen fit.

Even the Underground Criminal Element understands that too high concurrences when buying Bitcoin, will DEFINITELY put a big fat dent in their operations (and we're talking about the lowest of the low criminal aspect types -- this are your drug lords, pimps, underground fight events, sadistic torture, snuff films, and how they say it in my favorite movie in Demolition Man oh yes -- Murder, Death, Kill)

Yup, twisted individuals were ACTING A DAMN FOOL on that side of the digital spectrum (in other words opposite from the ACTUAL VISIBLE NET.)

This is why the next runner up coin is now being heavily sot after by tech savvy corrupted criminals, who knows this would be the next strategic move to make, this is basically the sister coin to Bitcoin, and yeah I'm DEFINITELY referring directly to Litecoin. I mean you have to know that it's the next best thing 2nd to the big "B".

The average amount it takes to purchase one full Litecoin, comes out to roughly $190 smackeroos!

So this will be the counter to Bitcoin eh?

That may be true for the moment, but I can guarantee you if the same thing happened to Bitcoin, then expect for the same thing to happen to Lite C.

But this could potentially turn Litecoin into the 2nd giant on the crypto market map (if its requested on constant demand for an long-extended moment in time.) But there still another coin that's rising very fast as well, and this too is a coin that many should know will be a very formidable third runner up.

Neo is going for roughly $92 dollars upon purchase for one unit, like Litecoin, it is already being consdered as a possible solution to the Bitcoin high price purchase fee.

Neo has REALLY been turning heads as of late, at the South Korean market they already know that it will become a crypto giant in a short stitch of time, I just created an article on Neo a few days ago and talked about how its tied into the Gas Coin forming a network type of dual crypto entity, the purpose of this was for the Gas cryptocurrency is to assist the Neo Coin by helping to stabilize the Neo Coin Network, I even referred to it as an "moderator" of the sorts for Neo.

Neo isn't the only coin of high interest in the South Korean exchange, there are other hidden crypto gems just waiting to be scooped up and put to good use (to name a few are Bithumb, Korbit, and Coinone.)

For some odd reason the Korean exchange doesn't cater to the Gas Coin, which I find rather odd. So that got me thinking deeper about the Gas crypto altogether, is it just placed in certain markets to only serve an intertwined purpose to assist and moderate the Neo Coin?

Honestly, I can't say but I will look further into that to see if I can pull out any answers.

So as of now, these two alternative "altcoins" might be takers to the mantle that currently still belongs to the "Big B", and again this is brought forth due to the claiming interest fees tethered to Bitcoin, that's turning away crypto investors like Dracula turns away from an dawn open window with beaming rays of sunlight penetrating through tempered glass.

(Psst BTW.. They say tempered glass concentrates a higher focus of UV rays when it hits an object -- in this case however the glass is obviously broken, THAT WOULD BE EVEN MORE OF A CHARCOAL CHARD SITUATION FOR DEAR OLD "DRAC" WHICH ISN'T PRETTY LOL.)

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