Raven Protocol Simply Explained! How Raven Protocol will change the AI industry?!!

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Raven protocol - A Decentralized & distributed deep-learning training protocol

Raven protocol was created to enhance the AI training, where speed is the key.

Raven protocol took a 1M image dataset that takes AWS (Amazon Web Services) 2-3 weeks to train, and brought it down to 2-3 hours on its protocol.

YES, that's a revolutionary achievement. With the help of Raven protocol, AI companies will be able to perform much better and faster.

Another great advantage of RAVEN is that it will pull out the power of AI / Machine learning from the hands of big companies like Amazon/Facebook/Google to the hands of the community and the people.

To achieve this, Raven protocol built their structure on blockchain whose main purpose is to be decentralized and accessible to all.

Currently, Data and model parallelism is being used by big companies, but it still faces latency in network and also it is not scalable beyond a certain limit. that's where Raven Protocol comes in !

Raven protocol solves the latency problem by chunking the data into really small bytes and distributing it across different devices, this is known as gradient calculations.

Use Cases of Raven Protocol token :

Firstly, they can be used by Customers to train their AI engines ; they can use it to perform various different algorithms on their machines with the help of Raven Protocol.

Secondly, contributors can give their computing power from their desktops, smartphones etc to Raven Protocol and get rewarded in RAVEN token, in return for renting their computing power.

Raven protocol has made it accessible for anyone to participate in Raven protocol network, any kind of desktop, mobile, laptops can rent out their computing power to run a node.

This will also create the first truly distributed and scalable solution to AI training.

Artificial intelligence is improving day by day, from having SIRI in you phone to having Self-Driving cars in near future, every device in your life will have AI sooner or later.

The market of AI is rapidly increasing and it has great potential to reach trillion dollars. In such fast moving environments, technology like Raven Protocol can be easily adapted by majority where they do week's work of big companies in hours.

AI is the future of the world, and Raven Protocol is on the path of it.

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