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Top Crypto Events Planned for Tomorrow

1 - TRON (TRX): Bitforex Listing

TRON will be listed on @bitforexcom , you can deposit and withdraw #TRX at 10:00am, June,8, 2018 (GMT+8).

Some World Crypto News

1- Coinbase revealed that it has acquired a broker-dealer license, an alternative trading system (ATS), and a registered investment advisor (RIA) license, and — pending regulatory approval — will begin operating as a broker-dealer under the oversight of the SEC and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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2 - Wealth manager Fidelity is planning to create a suite of products that would push the market for bitcoin to the next level, Business Insider reported.

Fidelity's push in to crypto space has been a long time coming as the wealth manager already permits certain clients to view their crypto holdings alongside their other accounts in their Fidelity portfolio.

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3 - Changpeng Zhao, the CEO and founder of Binance, revealed the company has set up a bank account in Malta. The move brings the exchange one step closer to its plans to offer fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals on its platform, a feature that would further improve the exchange’s liquidity and facilitate new investors entering the space with fiat purchases.

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4 - Streamlabs, a popular streaming app seen on Twitch, has begun allowing users to provide cryptocurrency tips for content they deem worthy of recognition. The tipping capability was automatically included in the platform’s functionality, meaning streamers are already able to accept cryptocurrency tips.

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5 - Hypothekarbank Lenzburg CEO Marianne Wildi confirmed that they are first bank in the country to open company accounts for blockchain and crypto-related fintech companies. Wildi said:

As a bank that sets itself up technologically and pursues a cooperative strategy in the field of fintech, it is also a matter of credibility to work together with the young sector of crypto and blockchain companies in Switzerland

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Todays Top Gainer and Looser for Today

Top 10 Gainer (last 24 hour)

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Top 10 Loser (last 24 hour)

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why bitcion difficulty mining is up ?

Really informative news and thanks for the reference of Coingyan, and i want to see the Steem and SBD into Coin gainers list soon and in my opinion we can see that soon once SMT's and all other community updates launched. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂