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This is very simple thing , you should think that lot of amount of the Bitcoin are hold by the owner of the Bitcoin , so what will happ if the network of the blockchain will face problem , I mean we don't need to worry much about this , and instead of this some preacuation should be taken by us .

  1. Before 1 August transfer your all Bitcoin at the blockchain wallet .
  2. If you have Bitcoin then transfer only Bitcoin to your address of blockchain also .
  3. don't make transaction like things from any of the Bitcoin wallet .
  4. Make backup of your wallet of the blockchain before the 1 August .
    If you will do these things , then I don't think that you need to worry anything ways , because you are in official ways and platform and nothing is problem in the official wallets .

Market may recover somewhat but fundamentally is probably way overpriced. Check out my CryptoThoughts blog series on my page.

yes we are.. prepare to be homeless!