High on Crypto!!!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

I'm not talking about pot either, unless it's POT-coin,Ether, BTC, LTC, ANS, or LBRY.

My Ledger Nano is coming in the mail, and I just ordered a Bitpay Bitcoin credit card. So stoked!! I'm diving in head first into this stuff. I'm not even really sure what I'm doing, but something in my gut is telling me that I need to make some moves on this before it's too late. There are too many resources out there that are giving really good information, and some not so good of course, but it gets my blood pumping!!

I've been on Youtube and google for days researching and buying small amounts on Coinbase and transferring it to Bittrex. Transferring, buying, selling, and just getting some things moving around to see what it feels like and how it all works. I'm losing a little bit here and there, but learning through making mistakes. It's ok, nothing major.

It's kinda like when I first learned how to play golf. I was up at 6am jumping out of bed and playing 36 holes a day. I love the feeling of a new hobby and I'm stoked to know that this one may in fact help me achieve some financial independence.

I wanna give a shout out to guys like @jerrybanfield, @supppoman and @crypt0

Are there any other good sources I should follow?

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I run non profit called http://www.muse4change.org (501ce) that does musical demonstrations in schools to inspire kids to pick up instruments instead of video game controllers. We give away guitars, bass guitars, drums and lessons for kids in lower income housing areas and third world countries. It’s a blast!!! If you’d like to help, you can donate below.

Donate Bitcoin 18zPbujxnEsUEcqkTch8P2cY9vB7sGx3s9
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Much Love!

http://www.jamiejamison.me singer/songwriter
http://www.jamisun.com professional entertainer
http://www.fretfu.com master guitar blindfolded


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yes, Leger Nano is best hardware to store coins. meanwhile what about trezor , why Leger Nano comes first

With Coinbase you pay some very high commissions/fees. Research for alternative ways to get your bitcoins/ethers/etc

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