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Welcome to episode #1 of what has been titled "THE MONEY SHOW", hosted by BAND-AID (myself).

Over the passing years I've collected a lot of data about cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities all over the world. No matter what country your in, you have a chance to quit your day job and join in on the rising market of cryptocurrency.

My whole life I've worked at jobs that really didn't pay much, and it's left me looking for smarter ways to make money. I also enjoy using social media and making videos. I was an art & art history major at the University of Iowa's School of Art & Art History. Although I really enjoyed being a student (for the most part anyways), I graduated and found myself in a category of people who had lots of interesting things to talk about and a reasonably high IQ. However, regardless of our wits and charming personalities, many of us couldn't find a job that suit us. Some of us just cant find a job, period.

To make a long article into a rather short one, I have decided to make this steemit TV show and hopefully steemit users will find it helpful as they journey through the magical world of cryptocurrency. So far, I've only posted the first episode but my plan is to keep posting new episodes as often as possible. So please, tell your friends and family about my steemit show and post lots of comments, resteem, upvote! I'm very excited to be part of a steemit tv show, which to me is an art project that I have trained for ever since I an undergraduate at University of Iowa's School of Art & Art History. Please enjoy my videos!


Hey @jamie-smith I enjoyed your new show - "The Money Show" and you made some excellent (and very valid) points regarding the stock market. I'm waiting for episode 2!

Thanks Nandibear!! I'm glad that someone is watching my show and following my future shows. I wanna help other people who are new to steemit and other cryptos. The Money Show is up and running!

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