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Securix is a Netherland based crypto mining firm which used to be a sugar manufacturing plant. It is a decent automated revenue stream for users. It is likewise useful for cryptocurrency ecosystem as it assists secure and decentralize the Bitcoin network. The SRXIO is a token that will be used in securix ecosystem, it is a Erc-20 token that will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Holding advantage

There are numerous advantages of holding this token. About 45% is inline with what the other comparable mining firms are putting forth so that doesn't make Securix emerge on that point. It has some other intriguing advantages that the others don't have. The EAN-2-EAN energy cost investment funds keeping the kwh down and additionally figuring out how to get paid for the additional waste heat are extremely intriguing thoughts and one of a kind to this project which have not been seen in other similar projects. The last emerge to me is the buyback and token consume dependably an awesome thing and for this situation it pulls twofold obligation expanding your tokens esteem and in addition giving you a higher % of income sharing.

About 79 percent of the tokens going into decentralized hands, that is a decent rate. I'm generally searching for over 50 percent with higher being better. This implies later when alternate tokens become possibly the most important factor they don't cheapen your tokens. 15% to the organizers is a sensible sum. The owner's tokens are locked for a year with them just being opened 5 percent every month from that point. Quite standard however great to see as it demonstrates the authors believe in their undertaking. Another ground breaking thought I haven't generally observed before is the constrained extra levels to stop the debasement of the tokens. Simply one more constructive, demonstrating that this venture appears to have individuals who are thinking ahead somewhat more then different tasks.

Token Usage

The use is the most imperative aspect of any survey you read on cryptocurrencies ecosystem, whether ICO or already trading token or coin. As a financial advocator to the project you will receive token/coin in exchange for your Fiat, it should be basic to the achievement of the project. it's quite basic on account of Mining ICO's as a whole. The tokens are attached to the item as owning them gives you rights to income share, so SRXIO tokens will surely accelerate in value as Securix's project continue to develop.

Return for money invested for mining ICOs are basically unimaginable. In the event that they can payout what they are anticipating it will be a great project. As they state in their whitepaper this diagram is a projection in view of accessible information, is anything but a certification it will be totally precise. Cryptocurrency as a whole has had an intense ~6 months yet even at current costs this undertaking is anticipating about a 100% ROI in a single years time. This is extremely conceivable on account of how early we are in the crypto space. These sort of chances will wind up rare as more selection occurs.

Vault Wallet

This is a portable application dashboard that will securely store your SRXIO tokens and will be the place you get your income share. It will likewise give news and specialized details on Securix. This is both great and terrible. While it is pleasant that they are building up a portable wallet that is extremely secure. It drives you to hold your tokens in the Securix uber vault wallet to get your income share. This is a decent advantage for the individuals who need it, anyway I might want to see them simply permit us the alternative of holding our tokens in our Ethereum wallets and send our income share there. It is also possible to hold your SRXIO tokens in your Ethereum wallet and still get your income share there.


Securix cloud mining project is another word in the field of cloud mining, after reading their mission and vision and how they plan to actualise these, I must say this is going to be a profitable investment and one not to miss

Token distribution and fund Allocation
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ICO bonus and date
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