Lexit - Revolutionalising the merger and acquisition industry

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The benefits and importance of mergers and acquisitions practice to companies and Enterprises both local, small and big cannot be underestimated. It has provided an opportunity to businesses to develop strategic partnership and growth and gain professional services of various fields which they previously lacks the specialty.
Unfortunately, these attractive benefits of mergers and acquisitions process have been denied to the small and medium businesses by the traditional merger and acquisition firms which prompted the establishment of lexit platform to allow both small and big businesses to access and utilise the mergers and acquisitions benefits.

Lexit intends to revolutionised the current mergers and acquisitions market by making it simple, easy and globally accessible and brings higher liquidity and efficiency in the mergers and acquisitions market and also increase its profitability to small, medium and large businesses.
Lexit plan to achieve this through the implementation of the following;
Utilisation of blockchain technology for transparency and security.
Implementation of marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and access the assets and market opportunities.
Implementation of a secure, digital deal room where transactions are finalise quickly.
Addition of assessors and field experts that helps appraise assets.
An international network of business partners for higher expansion and effective communication.
Token economics to incentivized and drive engagement.
Problems of traditional mergers and acquisitions practice
The following attributes makes the current mergers and acquisitions system more centralised and inaccessible to the small and medium businesses.
Difficulty in pricing: price evaluation is one of the most challenging aspect of the traditional mergers and acquisitions market which can Mar any transaction if not well handled. The buyers are often confuse to what price will be the true value of the transaction while the seller will be aiming for the highest value possible.
High cost of transactions: High transaction cost is another challenge facing participants in the traditional mergers and acquisitions transactions which scare away the small and medium businesses from reaping the benefits of merger and acquisition. Advisory fee, accountants, lawyers and other experts needed for successful execution of mergers and acquisitions transactions are highly expensive and the transaction process could take up to two years which is not ideal for many businesses.
Counterparties and experts are not easily accessible. Difficulty in accessing the experts guidance for successful execution of transactions is another challenge faced in the traditional mergers and acquisitions process.
Intellectual property challenge. Most mergers and acquisitions participants faces a lot of challenges in trying to determine the value of intellectual properties and discovery due to their intangible nature.
All the above mentioned challenges is what prompted the establishment of lexit platform. Lexit platform solves the Above difficulties through the integration of global marketplace and deal room.
Lexit, through its global marketplace grant sellers the right to create auction listing for their companies and intellectual property with small listing fee. When the seller and the buyer agree a deal, they proceed to the deal room to negotiate the terms and finalise the transaction
lexit Token
Lexit ecosystem will use a token called LXT which will be used on the entire platform both for transactions and payment of fees.

Token Allocation
For more information please visit the following links
Website https://www.lexit.co
Telegram https://t.me/LEXITco/
Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2494585.0
Whitepaper https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/59f21153ffa06300013c0c6d/5b5ef42a89ff9c2f7d255e54_LEXIT_White_Paper.pdf

Written by ogbedi James
Telegram username @jamesval1
Bitcointalk profile link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2173652

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