Trade up start up, sbd for sup

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Cool, figured i would give you guys a quick shot at 50 SUP for a trade of at least 1 SBD, the only time i will be doing this for 5 task completers to get ahold of 50 of the growing superior coin. Lets get it on

If you haven't already register with i dont know how to refer anyone yet but ma6be someone will help me in the comments.
See ya'll later

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thank you I can not get into that page


Well i had 5 people claim the 50 superior coins and i waited a day and a half and never got anything in return so i had to revoke the payout and delete the task. I will still do trades but i think it should be person to person on an agreed trade amount instead of an open offer one ended claim route, ya know?