Cryptocurrency Journey 3: Markets down but keep the faith.

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Some exciting discoveries this week, I discovered a different public ledger technology called ‘hashgraph’ 10,000 faster than blockchain. Quite exciting stuff to see but years before it has the momentum of blockchain. It is far superior technically but maybe like Betamax/vhs the less technically sophisticated might win out.

This week my cryptos jumped to $360 (initial investment £80) I was pleased and started having all sorts of ideas, now this.


It was down to $250 my first dip, but it’s actually a relief there was something not natural about 250% gains in a month. This correction has put me at ease.

I sold my ripple even though it was doing well out of principle, Jeff Berwick called it ‘crap government coin’ so I sold it.
Make some gains on elastic (steemit user cant remember his name but he has been getting flack for 6% of payouts, I personally find his info useful)

Next moves, I’ve bought another £80 of bitcoin on coinbase, but waiting for things to calm down until I transfer to bittrex. Coinbase fees are crazy high at the mo, I know it’s not totally there fault, but even with decentralised cryptocurrency we have a centralised system for turning fiat into crypto.

Will put it on etherum, neo and steem and then play with some unknown currency, I bought pot coin on a whim.

A friend has his own coin coming with an ICO called carbon coin. 4x more efficient than Bitcoin.


Love this guy

‘What killed America!? Was it disco!? Did Donna Summer do it!’

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I really want to see your account status after today's boost because you have 20 steems and today was it's day. :)

Sorry I didn’t see your reply, it was a good day I sold it all for Ethereum then used that ethereum to buy EOS. About 50% of what a have is now tied up in EOS which I buy direct from the ICO cheaper than the exchange (99% of the time)