Crypto Journey, Got my first investor and first ICO and ether wallet.

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My first investor is my mother, she gave me 200 pounds to invest as its lying in her draw and she doesn't want to turn it to Euros because of bad exchange rate. That's brings my total crypto investment to 360 pounds (Even though by the time it gets to the exchange its probably about 300).

First thing I did was to do my first ICO which was in none other than EOS. Nerve-wrecking stuff opening an ether wallet, making sure I've got my keys doing the little bit of jumping through hoops to get it.

Currently I have about 480 on(from 280 invested) pounds in my bittrex, another 70 pounds I bought EOS. It's gonna be harder to track my portfolio as its tied up in the EOS contribution and other exchanges.

ETHOS coin is the next one I'm going for, but I think now I'm just going to sell my duff coins (Next, Siacoin, Ark) just hold Neo and Ethereum, and a little Litecoin and bitcoin cash.

Sold some Steem today after massive rise kind of regretting it, and regret rebutting ARK but will hold on for a bit.

I'm going to make a bet with EOS, sending half my investing from now on into it. I won't get the same satisfaction of looking at my bittrex account and watching it grow but I think it's the right thing to do.

I literally can't explain how I feel about this coin, if your on Steemit you will know that this is a game changer. I cannot see it not being a success it just seems so obvious. Dan has created the two best centralised apps on blockchain, now everyone can do it with EOS.

The one problem is, I've lost faith in all my other coins because of this one, Etheruem which I was so sure about now I'm wondering should I hold it.

Well I've actually got a day job to think about.


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