HitBTC : Multiwallet Tutorial - Exchange

Now we are going to recognize 03 important points, if you have just started to handle HitBTC. Very few take this multiwallet exchange seriously but it is one of the safest and very rarely has had any complaints or losses of money - deposits.

Perhaps it is the low volume of sales and the smaller amount of cryptocurrencies that it handles, which is seen as a very small platform.

Let's see how HitBTC works:

Upon logging in, we will see this in the main menu:

1.- Exchange

The first tab "Exchange" of HitBTC allows us to verify the movement of the main cryoptimone, the Bitcoin in relation to any other. In the graph we can check the Bitcoin / Litecoin relation.

In the lower part the boxes where we can buy and sell at market price any altcoin with BTC or vice versa.

2.- Account:

In this part you can see your balances in each cryptocurrency that you buy or exchange. As you can see the options of deposit and withdrawal, amount available and amount to trade are very clear to use.

3.- Markets

The purchase and sale volumes of cryptocurrencies can be checked in this section. In the graph you can see how at the time of the capture Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin Gold were tenidno the largest movements. The green color indicates increases in the values ​​and the red one a decrease of the same, as the Monero, shown in the same graph.

In the different groups or forums it is very difficult to find detractors of HitBTC, and on the contrary they are surprised that it is not considered among the safest of the digital market of the coins.

If you already use this platform I would like to know your experience, your recommendations and clear some tips that you have for all of us.

** It is important to diversify your investments in two or more wallets, apply all security measures in each of them and constantly update your passwords or passwords.

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