Can I detect a Shitcoin? When for you is a Shitcoin?

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As long as we see Bitcoin and Ethereum peaking every year, pseudo-ventures or pseudo-projects will appear in quantity.

Advertising does not distinguish projects and we see how new projects invade us with many promises, concepts, graphics, etc.

It is very important for an investor to spend time reading all the whitepaper of a project that interests him, it is true, we must diversify our investments and it is not wrong to look at other currencies.

Every day I find publicity and open the list of new projects that are about to come out and for me, I can discard coins for these reasons:

- Whether the whitepaper or the road map are clear copies of coins that are currently succeeding. They are dedicated to the same industry.

- Website uses free and familiar themes (printing also counts)

- If the work team are only 2 or 3 people and do not show their faces (show emoticons).

- It does not specify that it will distinguish it in its use, time of transactions, modality of bonds, there is no incentive some.

- Some do not like private projects, me yes, the more anonymous the better.

- It only has 1 social network of communication (they only put twitter). He has no movements in his social networks, updates.

- It does not comply with the announced schedules (as is the case of Monaco, a debit card has been promised and many changes and people are getting very desperate, there are many who already indicate it as a scam. times necessary because it is a serious project.I sold when it reached its peak xDDD).

- The amount of coins is important, more coins less price and the reverse. Dogecoin and Bytecoin are good projects in spite of having many currencies in circulation, are projects with objectives and unique types of transactions. Not all are like that, watch out.

- Its expansion in time as a project, debit cards, multiplatforms.

If I miss any, I would love to comment below

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