Bitcoin will not spend $ 8000 in 2017 - My Opinion

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

After many hardfork and segwits Bitcoin begins to correct its value. If you have just started in the world of cryptocurrencies, the value of a currency is sincere after many factors, for example, people who want to recover their investment in physical and leave profits, others take advantage in selling a percentage of Bitcoin to acquire altcoins at offer prices, gift prices, as a result of a large increase in BTC.

Only 45 days before Christmas, in America and Europe consumerism is very strong and you spend / invest a lot of money in gifts, dinners, friends, etc. Most likely in December we will see that the vast majority will get rid not only of their Bitcoin but other altcoins to have enough money in these holidays, we must add the holidays at the end of the year.

The good part is that in troubled waters, fishermen gain, and some will know how to take advantage of the drop in prices to buy coins and save them in the medium term.

I see it very difficult for Bitcoin to reach $ 8,000 by the end of 2017, maybe the governments in turn also have surprises.

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Interesting take, maybe bitcoin could be a gift ?

Never underestimate Bitcoin. You have a 50/50 chance.

You raise some excellent points here regarding btc pullouts because of the upcoming consumer holidays. That is non- sensical to me, but you're right people are going to do that. People pull from fiat retirement or savings for the same stupid reasons. I also do not see it hitting 8grand by the end of this year but, could see it surging back into the high 6's or low 7K's