Google Just Banned All Crypto Ads!!! My Reasons Why Steemit Is Gonna Explode!!!!

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Hi J.D. @jaedea here. So if you are a crypto enthusiast and have been keeping an eye out for all those crypto related news, you probably would have come across this news that Google just banned all crypto related advertisements.


This is going to be a brief article highlighting my thoughts about this news and how it is going to affect STEEM and Steemit. I will try to keep this short and simple so that I won't bore you to death with a long article, which you really don’t need if I could convey my message in a small one.

Google Ads is one of the best way to advertise, no doubts regarding that. They provide advertisers with millions of targeted hits to the advertiser. There is millions of dollars in play here. Almost all of these new ICOs out there completely rely on Google Ads since Facebook had already banned crypto ads earlier this year. Where will these companies be going to get customers now?

In comes Steemit, a community based social network with about 90% users who are well educated in the crypto field. With Steemit closing in on about a Million users, there is absolutely no one who can tie STEEM down.


These ICOs and other crypto based companies are going to pour down cash into the platform for STEEM and STEEM POWER inorder to get their product enough exposure which will indeed get STEEM back to that Billion Dollar market cap once again and definitely more - as simple as that.
I have to disclaim that these are just my speculations and I don't have any guarantee that this is going to happen. But I strongly believe that this is the golden opportunity that STEEM had been waiting for. What are your thoughts and picks on the topic? Let me know in the comments
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Keep this up, Followed you for more :)

Thank you for taking your time for going through my post. It means a lot😄

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I just took a quick look at your blog and it looks quite promising!! Keep up the good work! 👍