Welcome to Everdragons!

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Everdragons channels have welcomed a wave of new members recently due to the Crypto Gamers Community Ultimate Giveaway Contest. The biggest giveaway to date in the Crypto gaming world which is succeeding in bringing the crypto community together.


To welcome all the new members here is a quick tutorial on how to get started with Everdragons.

To play Everdragons you will need a dApp browser. This is a digital wallet that can hold your Ether funds and communicate directly with the Everdragons dApp.

Recommended dApp browsers:

MetaMask (PC) a plugin for Chrome, Firefox or Brave Browser
Trust (iOS and Android)
In addition you will will need some Ether in that wallet. Ether is the crypto currency required to make transactions on Everdragons.

Once you have your wallet with Ether you can head over to the Everdragons Marketplace and browse the array of colourful and unique ERC721 token Everdragons. There are a variety of Gen 0 and Gen 1 Dragons for sale.

Gen 0 or Gen 1?

During the pre-sale early adopters had a chance to buy Everdragon Eggs. These eggs produced a limited number of Gen 0 Dragons which will develop a special feature later in the game. This feature won’t affect their performance in the games so Gen 1 Dragons (Newly Spawned Everdragons) won’t be at a disadvantage when participating in the games alongside Gen 0 Dragons.


Gems, Prestige, Domain and Power Source

All Everdragons have a Domain and Power Source embedded in their DNA. These factors can never be changed. They can also earn Gems and Prestige.

The domains are Fire, Earth, Air and Water and they will play a part in later games, particularly team games.
The Dragons Power Source links them to the real world and determines their performance in the games.
Prestige can be earned by participating in games and is a good indicator of how ‘experienced’ a Dragon is.
Gems can be won in the Games and can be used later to create challenges.


The Games

Players can put their Dragons forward to participate in the Everdragon games to be in with the chance of earning Prestige, Gems and Ether.
Each game has a small entry fee of 0.001Eth which makes up the prize pot that is awarded to the winning Dragon(s). There are many games in the pipeline including the Theme Party, the Treasure Hunt, Go Genesis, The Quest and many more. These will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

One of the first games to be released will be The Race.
The Race is a game based on the course of the cryptocurrencies. The Dragons Power Sources which range between 1 and 32 correspond to the first 32 coins listed on coinmarketcap.com. As coins change position on coinmarketcap so do the coins the dragons power source connects them with. So a dragon with power source 7, would represent Stellar today but could very well represent Cardano in the next few days if Cardano manages to overtake Stellar and move up to postion 7.

stellar cardano.JPG

The course of the top 32 coins, determines the Dragons performance in the game. The dragon(s) associated with the coin that increases the most or decreases the least by percentage wins the race.
This game is limited to 10 participants but don’t worry if you miss a slot as once the ranks fill the race will start and another race will open. Each race lasts one hour and the small entry fee of 0.001 Eth makes up the prize pot which is awarded to the winning dragon(s).

If you have any questions you will find our great community on our Telegram and Discord channels. They are always happy to help.

Catch us on:

Official Website- https://everdragons.com/
Telegram- https://t.me/Everdragons
Discord- https://discord.gg/y7JX7vB
Twitter- https://twitter.com/4LDEverdragons
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/4LDEverdragons/