Everdragons: The Race and how to play!

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We are proud to announce that the Race is officially LIVE! For the first time cryptocollectibles are powered by real life events. Pioneering this new technology Everdragons paves the way for new opportunities and more exciting games.

The Race has been launched on the Ethereum network as planned. A more complex version will be launched on POA in a few weeks, taking advantage of the low gas fees and the super fast transactions. Stay tuned to our social media channels for regular updates.

How to play

Go to everdragons.com and ensure your dApp browser is logged in. Click ‘COMPETE’ on the main menu and select the Race.

Once you have selected the Race you will see the Race details as shown.

POWER SOURCE: The dragons Power Source for the Race is Cryptocurrency. Your dragon will be represented by the cryptocurrency corresponding with its Power Source number on coinmarketcap.com, at the time of joining the race.

COMPETITORS: Each race has a total of 10 competitors. Each player can only enter one dragon into the race but a coin can be represented by several Everdragons. During the joining phase you will not be able to see the other participating Everdragons but you will be able to see the total number of entrants.

FEE: The entry fee to join the race is 0.003 ETH. This, minus the 3.75% platform cut and gas fee for oracle call, then becomes the winners prize pot. The owner of the winning Everdragon takes home the prize pot. If the winning coin is represented by more than one dragon, the pot is split between their owners.

START: Each Race starts when 10 dragons have joined. When one race starts a new race opens.

DURATIONS: Each race lasts one hour. During the race you can see all your competitors and the coins they represent. At the start and at the end of each race, the marketcap of each of the represented coins is recorded. During the race players can see how well their Everdragon is currently doing by following the race in the WATCH tab.

WINNER: The winning dragon(s) are those representing the coin that performs the best during the race. i.e. The coin that increases the most or decreases the least by marketcap. The reference data for the market cap is supplied by coinmarketcap.com.

PRIZE: The winning Everdragon(s) receive the prize pot plus one Prestige point. All participating dragons including the winner receive one experience point.

To participate click on the choose dragon button as shown above. Then select which of your dragons you would like to participate in the Race. As you can see the dragons Power Source number has now been replaced with the coin it will be representing for the race.

Once you have selected your dragon click Play and kick off the transaction in your wallet. When the transaction is confirmed your dragon is participating in the race. Wait until 10 dragons have filled the ranks then go to ‘WATCH’ on the main menu.

Find the Race you are participating in and Click ‘WATCH’. You can then watch how your dragon is doing in the Race and see your competitors. We update the screen every 3 minutes and the dragons positions can change according to the data retrieved from coinmarketcap.

After one hour The Race is complete and the winner is chosen. The winning dragon(s) will be displayed with a Medal of Prestige as shown.

All Everdragons who participated in the Race will receive 1 Experience point, and the winner is awarded one Prestige. The winner will also receive the prize pot of entry fees and can claim this on the ‘COLLECT’ page. To claim simply click ‘Claim my rewards’ and kick off the transaction. Once complete the Eth will be transferred to your wallet.

We hope you have loads of fun playing the Race! If you have any questions you will find the team and our great community on our Telegram and Discord channels.


Telegram https://t.me/Everdragons
Discord https://discord.gg/y7JX7vB
Twitter https://twitter.com/4LDEverdragons
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/4LDEverdragons/
Official Website https://everdragons.com/