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What is it?

The SAFE (Safe Access For Everyone) network is an attempt to create a secure, autonomous data network that operates without human intervention. It is quite notably NOT a blockchain.

Where is its community?

How can I get the token?

  • Exchanges (for now)
  • Farming (in the future)

How's it work?

MaidSafe works by allowing individuals to provide storage, computation and connectivity to the users of its service. Their combined efforts form a decentralized cloud for use by application developers, who are paid a special allocation of the coin for their work on applications. It costs to PUT content into the SAFE network, but GETS by users are free. The community is debating PtP-- pay the producer-- essentially, paying out to creators of popular content, as well. A verdict has not been reached on the PtP feature, however.

What's cool about it?

  • It's not a blockchain, so it can operate more quickly than a blockchain.
  • Its token features are implemented in its network protocol.
  • Real apps are being built on SAFE today.

Why should I be worried?

  • There is not yet a release of the software supporting a true decentralized network. The current test network is limited to those who have reached a certain level on their forum, and is very alpha.

What is similar to SAFE?

Remember-- similar, but not the same. Each of these has notable similarities and differences.

  • Storj - similar as a file storage mechanism. Difference is that SAFE is an app platform and Storj isn't.
  • Sia - similar as a file storage mechanism. Difference is that SAFE is an app platform and Sia isn't.
  • FileCoin - similar as a file storage mechanism. Difference is that SAFE is an app platform and FileCoin isn't.
  • HoloChain - Similar as an app platform. SAFE is built for storing files, too while holochain does not recommend using holochain for file storage.
  • Steemit - Steemit is a blockchain dedicated to an application, so it's similar in that steemit is a distributed appliction. SAFE is a platform for developers to build many distributed applications on top of, including those that have their own currencies, like steem.


So, that's SAFE in a nutshell-- the union of application platform and storage/distribution system. I should say openly I'm a pretty big fan of SAFE, because I think it can change the web for the better.

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