Why it is useless to fight against crypto-currencies?

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Just a couple of years ago, crypto-currencies were considered as pampering of geeks and youth, and blockchain — as an unknown technology, which is unclear how, but could potentially improve our daily lives. Today everything is different. When bitcoin jumped to 20 thousands of dollars, the number of skeptics was diminished.

Everything new has always met the Ludist sentiment in society: tractors plow the land faster and more efficiently, but 8 out of 10 plowmen remain without work. So the development of crypto-currency, was generally favorably received by the government of Japan, and then Belarus and Georgia, was to the United States on customs, with the most powerful lobby of financiers from Wall Street. The United States generally does not favor cryptography and anything that tries to be hidden.

The greatness of crypto-currency in its unpredictability. Yesterday bitcoin was an unpopular financial tool for American drug dealers, and today it is included in the portfolio of the largest investment funds. Yesterday the Dogecoin coin was created as a reference to the Internet memes about the dog, and tomorrow ten million Chinese crypto investors will buy it for happiness in honor of the Chinese New Year of the dog and will keep the whole year. Today IZX https://izx.io/ is an unknown application offering to catch crypto-tokens in augmented reality, and tomorrow it can become a social network spread all over the world, a messenger and the most convenient way to pay with crypto-currency.

Investing in the crypto-currency for a long time already makes a bank deposit with its interest rate ridiculous. In general, the whole banking system and fiat money seem like atavism of the Stone Age: they are long, uncomfortable, unprofitable and outdated.

There is a forming of a global community in the world. Community that will not use fiat money. They will work for crypto-currency, buy goods and services from each other for crypto-currency, and be aware of information from cryptoworld first.

We are only at the very beginning, remember that the best investment — is investment in your own awareness.

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