Watching Crypto 090519

in cryptocurrency •  14 days ago 


After the Bitcoin surge yesterday, it is losing a bit of sight today with minor drops. Other cryptocurrencies dropped slightly too. Ethereum experienced such drop which is currently at $170 area.

Tron, Basic Attention Token, and Bitshares dropped with about 2%, while EOS at 1%. Mithril Token went down 8% to the price of $0.018. That's very far from its peak of more than $1.

Steem was doing well today as it went up to $0.17 level. But we cannot say it was due to the Hardforks. To be honest, we haven't seen momentum in price since the Hardforks. SBD is stationary at $0.81, something which was pegged at $1. HUNT Token is at $0.006 today.

Murmur Token, ONOT, and Belacoin experienced minor drops today, but ONG (SoMee) suffered huge drop to $0.0029. That's close to its lowest price before. Meanwhile, HyperSpace (AMP) experienced a surge today. Hoping for the wallet function the soonest.

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