Watching Crypto 0801919

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago


It's actually a good start of the month for Bitcoin as it went up hundreds of dollars in value today. It even went up to $10k, though at this moment, it is at $9,900 area.

Ethereum crossed $210 again, and I hope it won't show signs of going down. EOS didn't make significant changes as it has been at its price today for days. Tron and Basic Attention Token dropped a bit today.

Steem is still low at $0.23. There might be a surge but it's not being felt. SBD is currently at $0.95, so far better than recent days. HUNT Tokens experienced a bad drop of 21% to $0.008. Mithril Token is also at a low price of $0.029.

ONG (SoMee), Murmur Token, HyperSpace (AMP), and Belacoin went up slightly, but no great movements. I am rooting for SoMee to go up.

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