Why I Still Believe in Crypto

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I was on Twitter last night and got really upset at how many posts I saw about throwing in the towel on crypto and wanting to commit suicide because people had “lost their life savings.”

Truthfully, that made my heart hurt to see how many people are so emotionally and mentally destroyed by the downturn of the market. I love financial markets, crypto, blockchain, and technology so I am in this for the long haul regardless of what happens. But, I realize not everyone is mentally in the same headspace as I am.

First of all, committing suicide over what you perceive to be as a poor financial decision is never the right choice. I have been in positions where I felt like all was lost because I lost a lot of money making a bad financial decision, so I can relate to how you feel. But, its never worth your life!

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I Still Believe

I have been in crypto on and off for years now and crypto has had its ups and downs, like any financial market does. I have stayed in crypto because I believe in the future and the possibilities of the people and of the technology.

The communities that have been formed in the cryptosphere have already created lifelong friendships and relationships. I talk to people on Discord daily that I know from Steemit more than I talk to my own family some days!

We Are Family

People on Steemit have become like a second family to me, especially those that are part of @Oracle-D. Money that I have made through projects working for them has paid for repairs that have been needed on my house for years and I am so incredible grateful!

I am going back to NY this year to see my family for Christmas when most years I can’t afford to do so. That means the world to me because family is incredibly powerful and we should all work to love our family as hard as we can. Right now, I am out in West Virginia visiting my sister and her family for Thanksgiving, too. This year has been full of many wonderful opportunities for me and the Steemit and Oracle-D families have really been a big part of that.

Photo by Andre Francois on Unsplash

Learning How to Market Yourself

The price of crypto is down hard right now, no one can deny that fact. But, the lessons learned by all of us have been invaluable to me. I have learned how to network better, create win-win relationships, and market my work on social media. I have always known about social media and how to network on it but having part of my paycheck depend upon my efforts of getting the word out about the content that I am creating has helped me to put myself out there more and share my stories with others. It’s been an eye opening experience!

Do you still believe in crypto? Why or why not? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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