Accepting payments in Ethereum and ERC20 tokens

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Hello crypto enthusiasts,

As you probably know, together with a savvy IT squad I have been successfully developing an e-commerce platform called I’ve already had a chance to explain why I’m so pumped about working on this project. This time I would like to go into more detail regarding what we’ve came up with lately.

Anyone is now able to accept payments in Etherium and even alternative Ethereum Classic, and it can be done in two ways:

  • independently, by using your Ethereum/Ethereum Classic address in the blockchain. You would need to execute a special smart contract and set up a terminal in your profile on Pokupo
  • by employing an existing partner’s smart contract with automatic conversion to rubles, for which the average weighted exchange rate is used.

By the way, the Etherium Classic Pokupo partner’s spot is still vacant.

Some may say - nothing special, not a big deal! Indeed, the crypto crowd is so smart, it’s hard to impress it with anything nowadays. So, we took a step forward and created a multi purpose module capable of accepting payments in ERC20 tokens, based in the Ethereum blockchain. And we are talking about over 60 public projects and a gazillion of private ones here. You are probably aware that pretty much anybody can create their own token these days, literally doing that over a lunch break. And if you somehow missed that, no worries. As d-tubers or vloggers say, upvote this post and I’ll make a video tutorial for you to fill the gap.

Basically, any blogger, freelancer or even a housewife, can not only issue their own tokens, but also start trading with that cryptocurrency. Though make sure this activity complies with the law and regulations in the area of your residence. Oh my, those regulations, you know what I mean:-(

This is how it may look for clients:

We used the StorJ token for this example. Why? because we simply had it at hand and needed something suitable to put to the test right away. In fact, it can be any coin that falls into the ERC20 specs.

For those entrepreneurs who want to bring the game to the next level, I have a tip. You can contact any startup that has its own ERC20 token and offer your services as a wallet or intermediary for facilitating their payments. Just make sure those coins aren’t a scam. If arranged properly, it can be a rather lucrative business and a way to generate passive income, since you are gonna be paid some commission every time your payment terminal is being used.

We are convinced that crypto economy has a bright future and in only five years many will regret they didn’t jump on this bandwagon. Remember how Bitcoin was worth a thousand bucks only a few years ago?

That’s why we’ve purposely chosen to build our platform Pokupo with consideration of all the opportunities that crypto markets can offer.

We’ve already integrated Bitcoin, Litecoin and Golos tokes into our system. And aren't gonna stop here.

Pokupo is already a place where you can open your e-business and trade online using payment links, order forms, built-in widgets, create an internet store and even have your own marketplace. All that tax free and with a zero monthly fee!

Join us today!


Успехов и удачи! Репост!

уверена, все получится! так, как задумано!

Приветствуем и желаем успехов!!!

Успехов, друзья!

Добро пожаловать на Стимит! Успеха вам, пусть все задуманное получится!

Good luck with your project!

О, покупо.ру и сюда добрался, приятно! Надо бы открыть магазинчик...

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