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                                                                                                              Hello Steemians

Hope you Guys are benefiting from my blog if so Today i come with a very Powerful and dominating ICO ever in the Cryptocurrency World. I Know you guys like Bitcoin and Ethereum but what if i told you both of there now a days are too old fashioned  in Crypto World.

                                                                    Bitcoin is the First Generation Blockchain that change the way Payment transaction in the world and on the other hand we have Ethereum which make blockchain possible to build app on the network. Now we have AION the third generation blockchain that going to be ecosystem for both bitcoin and ethereum and any new participation blockchain and  can pass logic and value amongst participating blockchains. 

So lets understand what AION Is and how does it Work...

                                                           In the future, blockchains will federate data and value in a hub and spoke model similar to the internet. The future of mainstream blockchain adoption will be achieved by the development of a networked, federated blockchain to integrate these separate spokes. That integrated blockchain network is Aion. 

Aion is a third-generation blockchain network that will enable any private or public sector organization       

     Federate: Send data and value between any Aion-compliant blockchain and Ethereum. 

     Scale: Provide fast transaction processing and increased data capacity to all Aion blockchains. 

     Spoke: Allow the creation of customized public or private blockchains that maintain interoperability with other blockchains, but allow publishers to choose governance, consensus mechanisms, issuance, and participation.

                                                       At the root of the Aion network is a purpose-built, public, third-generation blockchain called Aion-1. Designed to connect other blockchains and manage its own robust applications, Aion-1 also provides the economic system that incentivizes interoperability in the ecosystem. AION tokens are the fuel used to create new blockchains, monetize inter-chain bridges, and secure the overall network 

 AION Multi-Tier Blockchain Network ....

                                                                  As the name suggest, the Multi-Tier Blockchain Network will allow different and dissimilar network to share logic, value and data to work more efficiently .For example if i want to connect or share some data to Blockchain A and want privacy to that network then AION network will manipulate the data and send it to the receiver end without knowing me the the platform used.


AION make sure the data is transmitted properly from source point to destination by its valuable key frame like infrastructures, protocols, and concepts. The value of these technologies is that they enable one blockchain to transact with another blockchain, as well as one blockchain to transact with every connected blockchain. 

 AION-1 Blockchain.... 

                                                         The Aion-1 blockchain is the genesis implementation of the connecting network. It is designed to be a fair, distributed, open blockchain architecture that is capable of fulfilling the requirements specified in the multi-tier blockchain network architecture. As an open blockchain, Aion-1 was designed with the following goals: 

         • Connecting blockchains and external services (e.g., oracles and databases) together through the   contiguous network and providing accountable communication maintained through a decentralized network.     

        • Providing the necessary infrastructure to develop high-performance, decentralized, inter-blockchain   a  application

        • Creating a maintainable network through a robust and sustainable economic model. 


AION Token Distribution and Utilization.....

Unlike other Cryptocurrency token AION is bit different and can be utilizes in many era of platform. AION is not a token for Trading,Exchange and Speculation its worth more than that. With a total of  465,934,587 AION ever exit is not going o distributed in a single short .Instead there will  be two phases for token sale.

 *The first phase will be capped at 10M tokens and have a simple pricing structure, occurring in late 2017

 *The second phase will take place in 2018, after the completion of a major Aion milestone release. This second  phase will also be capped at 10M tokens. 

 As many as 465 million coins will be issued, AION does not have a token at one time, but they receive 2.78% every month for three years. This is a system that allows AION and NUCO to act like stock options to store tokens in bulk
AION has a low Soft Cap target — 15 Million USD
AION has a target alias Hard cap up to US $ 45 million ICO is 50% of total token supply value alias Conversion rate: 1 AION = $ 1 USD
Maximum Market Cap: ~ US $ 225 Million if hard cap is reached, to be confirmed 

What is TRS and how does t help us.....

                                                                 The TRS serves as a mechanism to reward early community members. Within twelve months of our phase 1 public sale, all public sale tokens will either be sold or distributed to the community through the TRS contract. The TRS will distribute its first allocation (25% of your total, including bonus) upon the close of the phase 1 public sale.

                                                                  Based on updated token sales figures, the community TRS will now receive a minimum of 110M tokens. This is an increase over the 81.5M tokens initially calculated, as only 20M tokens will be allocated to be sold in the public sale phases. All remaining unsold public sale tokens will be distributed to TRS contributors before the TRS end date (late 2018*). 


                                                                  Any Cryptocurrency coin gains its value by  its team member. Its the Team member which drives the coin in the right direction.No coin will ever work better with the dedicated and knowledgeable entities. AION has the most Professional, highly skilled and super-dedicated team which doing everything possible to make this coin worth more than $10 coin.

 My Conclusion.....                                                                            

                                                                          I thing AION will worth more than $100 as it really a new concept and technology that is even more valuable than internet. If Bitcoin and Ethereum is the YouTube and Facebook than i would called AION as the google of Cryptocurrency. The technology like AION is the future requirement and one day it will really going to change the world of Blockchain. I am in what are you waiting for!

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