My Trading Strategies

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Mistakes i've made, get into coins with low volume and therefore not in the first 10 places. This is not alway a wrong move per se, but if it is combined with a bad trending timing you get trapped and watching the curve going down, at the end you feel that peculiar pressure and decide to sell at a loss.


Now i sit and hold or even better go to play with my kid.I learned to watch at the MACD lines, Market Depth, Sum (BTC) of buy and sell orders, spend time observing videos that teach something about candlestick charts. There are many things I have to learn, and about strategies i got this, wait for MACD line to pass above signal line, with a positive slope histogram indicating an upward trend, set an stop-limit order after the second candle and move it with the increase of price, sell at the end of the bullish trend. I do not pretend to teach, everyone will develop, adopt and apply its own practice, then the key is learn by experience and do not let emotions guide your fingers. This is for short trading, the easier way is long term trading, buy, check whenever you want, wait for the price to increase, collect your profit.

I do a combination between both styles, keeping my eyes over the goal of aument my bitcoins. Since March this year till now i am close to my second BTC.

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Interesting, i have not traded cryptos but quite a fair bit of forex. I like to use the demarker as a contrarian indicator.

I pair it with the TDI or rsi stoch to indicate a possible change in trend. So far i have had ok results with it.


Some of the better crypto trading are so because of their experience in forex, go ahead and try, you have plenty of advantages.

give us some more clues? upvoted though ;)


I stop following Twitter accounts not related with cryptocurrency world, and start following those who give news, and smart comments about coins of my interest . For example if I like Litecoin i follow Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) and so on.

I use a 30 minute chart and the last 5 min is the lapse to take decisions, everybody start buying or selling and the price goes up and down till it close, those 5 min are hot.

Earning 2 BTC trading crypto is pretty cool in less than 4 months.


That is my total including my starting amount, yes it has been cool but hard because it takes a lot of time watching my holds and learning. I am trying to relax and spend less time by improving my strategies