Airdrop of The Week-Buy Zeepin (ZPT) Coin and Get GALA Tokens for Free!

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My dear friends!
What I am going to write today is one easy way how your can get free tokens=money.Airdrops are hot topic recently,and you should use this new "crypto trend" to get some free money.

1)Who can participate in this airdrop?

Anyone who has ZPT (Zeepin) in their NEON, Neo Tracker or exchange wallet (Kucoin and exchanges already confirmed they will support GALA Airdrop)

2)When will airdrop happen?

· When block height hits 2022966, which will most likely happen on March 15th, snapshot will be made, recording information on blockchain to determine all the ZPT holding wallet addresses

3)How much GALA coins will I receive?
Ratio will be 1:1,which means you will receive 1 GALA token for 1 ZPT coin you are holding at the moment of the snapshot

If you don't have Zeepin coin yet you can buy it at Kucoin or exchange.Price is currently about 10 cents per 1 Zeepin

You can track current block height here:

I hope this post was helpful for you to earn some free coins! I love you until next time!

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