User paid commission of 3150 ETH for sending four transactions in the amount of 0.15 ETH

That night, one unknown Ethereum wallet went down in history as the sender of the most expensive transactions during the entire existence of the network.

At the moment, it is reliably known that four transactions with a total of 0.15 ETH, or about $ 20 at the current rate, were made from one address. At the same time, 3150 ETH or approximately $ 450,000 was spent as commissions for these transactions.

The transaction history is as follows: for the first transaction in the amount of 0.01 ETH 210 ETH was charged as a commission. Next come two transactions of 0.02 ETH and 420 ETH commissions for each of them. The last transaction was worth 0.1 ETH with a commission of 2100 ETH. Thus, for just sending 0.15 ETH, the user paid 3150 ETH as a commission.

It has not yet been possible to establish who owns this wallet and how it happened that such a huge transfer was charged for such a huge commission. At the moment, the active use of the wallet continues with the sending of many small transactions, but with adequate commissions.

Given that the address is very active and sends hundreds of transactions per day, and all commissions are multiples of the payment amount (in all the commission is more than the transaction amount 21,000 times), the most likely reason is a software error on some large service. Or we are talking about some kind of symbolic action, the reasons for which are still unknown to the community.


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