What is the next cryptocurrency to pump?

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

It's always tough to know which coin is going to make a big move.  I look for the chart patterns, then put a small % of my overall equity to testing that pattern.  

Stages Of A Crypto Trade

The first stages of a trade are always rocky. sometimes I enter the same market a few times before I catch an entry where prices do not come back and kick me out.  But I keep up the practice of being risk adverse at the very start of a putting on a position - and as the position moves more in my favor, I leave the stop wider from price action and give the market room to move. This still gets me kicked out of the market sometimes - but my focus is to catch the longer term trend, and not short term waves of the trend... or worse, attempting to day trade.

As these markets eventually start the next trend, our cryptocurrency trading community will move into practicing that stage of the trade.  For now, it's all about identifying the patterns, diversification across the spectrum, and early entry risk management. 

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