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ITC Progress Update 25/8/2018–31/8/2018

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Main Chain

[Done] Unified and simplified ledger, and block proposal logic, including block executor, generator and consensus interface.

[Done] Used Java Pairing Based Cryptography (jPBC) Boneh-Lynn-Shacham signature scheme (BLS) library for random beacon.

[Done] Wallet

  • Fixed keystore generation time consumption issue
  • Optimize for small sized Android devices
  • Fixed ios-js bundle issue
  • Fixed several UI issues

[Work in Progress] Implement Distributed key generation (DKG) and Lagrange polynomials for threshold signature scheme.

Light Nodes

IoT Chips and Protocol Studies

  • [Done] Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) investigations
  • [Done] NB-IoT chip selection

Functional test of NB-IoT chip (based on distant module bc35-g)

  • [Done] AT instruction set test
  • [Done] User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network connectivity testing
  • [Done] Sensor data acquisition (temperature, humidity, photosensitivity, and GPS) test



Number of token holders19411-0.43%
Number of transactions52602+0.92%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ7179+0.01%
Overseas communityNumber%


IoT Chain (ITC) was listed on the Bithumb Exchange on 31 Aug 2018.

登陆bithumb-橙色横版 2.jpg


Read with ITC (Chinese Community)

Sharing our experiences with IoT Chain on WeChat. The top five shares with the most likes, will get a set of blockchain books.

WeChat — Ask Me Anything (AMA) (Chinese Community)

To further strengthen the communication between the team and the community, ITC’s founding team answered community questions on 31 Aug 2018.


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