ITC Progress Update 2018/7/14–2018/7/20

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屏幕快照 2018-07-22 上午12.08.02.png


Main chain

屏幕快照 2018-07-22 上午12.08.14.png

[Done] Virtual machine implementation and test suite

  1. Abstraction and optimization for different underlying database implementations, no mocking required
  2. Complete test suite based on property-test
  3. Optimization of contract recursive call judgment

[Done] Multi-currency wallet

  1. Reactive storage cross-platform persistent storage
  2. Web3 and etherscan API integration

[Wip] S/KAD protocol

  1. Achieve a more secure node discovery protocol

Light nodes

屏幕快照 2018-07-22 上午12.08.25.png

Achieved the master-slave hybrid and enabled multiple node connections

  1. [Done] Chip module coding
  2. [Wip] Chip module debugging
  3. [Wip] Chip module home scene function upgrade



Number of token holders15550-3.5%
Number of transactions42043+2.56%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ7637-0.43%
Overseas communityNumber%

ITC Encyclopedia

The Kademlia node discovery protocol

Kademlia (KAD) is a distributed hash table (DHT) technology based on the “exclusive OR” (XOR) distance algorithm. We want to implement a more secure S/KAD extension in KAD through a secure Node ID allocation mechanism. We also monitor non-intersecting paths to help prevent attacks.


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IoT Chain is going to be huge !


yeah, they clearly have all it takes to lead the way and i wish them the best

Wow, these updates strengthen my faith in the project. Achieving more secure node for S/KAD protocol looks especially good.


Yea, updates matters a lot in a project and you don't expect to continuously get investors when updates are not coming, ITC is giving investors confidence and also attracting potential investors along the way

I didn't really know a lot about IoT before I came across IoT Chain, I think it's great that through crypto we can learn about these new technologies and improve our knowledge.


I can say that i was really a noob about Iot but the moment i knew about Iot chain. I had to go read on Iot.


The feeling is mutual buddy, iotchain has helped me have an indepth knowledge on IoT devices for that I'm much grateful.

Finally chips module coding and debugging is started. Nice to see that their community also increasing.


yes. lots of changes , progress every week. testnet is near and ITC team needs to put such efforts for all coming weeks.


Indeed everything needs to be on top gear hence forth to make sure that all that's needed in place before testnet starts is taken care of

a multi-currency wallet! I have totally overlooked so far. Great!


Exactly, even they are working on virtual machine implementation and test suite.

great to see you guys constantly providing the community with updates, keep up the work guys!


I like that they are keeping all their channels active and not just one or two.

I like how IoTchain keep the community updated with recent activities.


That's one of the qualities of a good project, you don't just keep the community in the dark, keeping them abreast of the latest updates will lead to a robust community


yeah, they understand the importance of keeping the community updated