ITC Progress Update 11/8/2018–17/8/2018

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Main chain

[Done] Add authority voting scheme, enable plug-in for other consensus protocols

[Done] Random beacon survey
· BLS group signature
· Sync network wait time parameters

[Done] Wallet
· Home view — add token list
· Transfer view — add transfer record and detail
· Toast and loading component

[Wip] Abstract consensus & validator interface

Light Nodes

Bluetooth Mesh network (based on cc2650 and cc2540)
· [Done] Establishment of cc2650 foundation project
· [Wip] Single master and single slave connection (coding portion) with App



Number of token holders19449+0.11%
Number of transactions51630+0.90%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ7329-1.11%
Overseas communityNumber%

Youtube Live Stream

IoT Chain Mid-Year Review.001.jpeg

IoT Chain Mid-Year Technical Review

IoT Chain co-founder Lyu Xinhao took part in a youtube live stream for the IoT Chain half year review. Xinhao discussed IoT Chain’s technological achievements over the past 6 months, introduced the implementation of ITC technology for the Consortium blockchain and provided a preview for the next steps the project will be taking.


IoT Chain Live AMA

21st, Aug, 2018 [20:00 GMT+8]

AMA min.jpg

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