Crypto Market Going Below 200 Billion?

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The selling continues in crypto.


I’m sure you’ve already been through corrections like that. It doesn’t seem to end. ALTs are extremely oversold. There will be a nice bounce very soon and when you combine some buying with short squeeze, prices can go up 20,30% easily. After that, who knows what happens. Perhaps volatility will be all over, but at the end, long therm, we all should be adding to our portfolio. You mentioned gold in your video. It seems like they are trying to push gold and silver prices as low as they possibly can. The outcome will be exactly the same as with crypto. It will eventually rise much higher.

Good to see you back! I’m loading up on all the Steem I can under $1.00.

Maybe it is due to Bitcoin Etf delayed. I want to ask you a question. What is bitcoin dominance, It is above 52 at cmc. What does it mean?

@investing am in tears right now. Still hoping for a miracle this year, and I believe it'll happen - prices will bounce back

Glad to have you back!
I’ve been using Fibonacci Retracement in my past. It’s cool tool you can use as a confirmation of support and resistance. Around 190 billion is pretty low considering not that long ago we spoke about 340 billion support. I’ve actually been buying lately EOS and bitcoin. In bear markets prices seem very cheap and they usually get even cheaper. That’s when inexperienced investors loose their faith in crypto and panic sell thinking they made a good deal not loosing everything, even with a loss. Smart investors are slowly accumulating. But that’s what I think. We as well can go to zero and crypto could be over. But that’s the problem, I just don’t believe it. My instinct is telling me “it’s just another correction” and we have one of the last opportunities to see crypto at these low prices.
Great info! Thank you @investing!

lost 1 Million $ in Profits during the bear market, I am waiting when the ground is ahead to invest fiat again then wait I am sure that the next bull run will be 3x from the last of all altcoins but we will see! please read also my post! Disclaimer: Not investing advice, only my opinion, total risk possible!

I think the bear market will be mostly over by summer 2019. The next mania phase will probably not begin until summer 2020 but we may see new ATH's in bitcoin in 2019. The last quarter of 2019 will probably be the turning point. The next mania will be as much greater than 2017 than 2017 was above the mania of 2013.

These are really attempts at mass adoption, but the technology isn't there yet. Crypto is like email once was before windows had sockets/drivers for internet connections. You had to download a winsock driver and know how to install it to connect to the internet back in the days before windows 95. I did this once on a windows for workgroups machine version 3.11 in early spring 1995. Later on it eventually became plug and play.

Crypto will achieve mass adoption at this rate well before the year 2030. Sometime in the early 2020's I'm expecting the failure of national fiat around the world due to the equity drain created by crypto. The 3rd world is already jumping in.

Not only cryptos, but precious metals have taken a beating as well. I don't mind seeing PMs drop in price as it just makes it easier to get more, but I wouldn't mind cryptos climbing. I'm rather tapped out on money anyways, so it's time to make progress and gains.

I guess we are seeing the "despair" phase now, where people start to sell like crazy out of pure irrational emotions.

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Hello @investing, my investments have me worried, I expect a miracle, if it does not happen I'm going bankrupt, I'm thinking of investing in gold and silver, I'm definitely adrift

It is lower than we’re used to put around 200 Billion is still soooooo much :)

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As at the time I'm typing this, we've finally dipped below 200b marketcap.
So I'm expecting more blood to come... The only redeeming thing is that BTC hasnt dipped below $6k and is now probably the only stable one out of the top 100.

I cannot see any bull run this year.

Some expert analysts also believe bitcoin bubble burst. Bitcoin is going to end. while some are suggesting to buy at lows and 2019 will make a good history for cryptocurrency

Don't know how much time we have to wait for the magic moments of crypto market. But there is always a great hope on crypto. Crypto is our future, Happy investing.

If you look at the history of bitcoin massive bull run then you can see that every three years cycle there is a massive bull run and 2011, 2014, 2017 are the examples of those to create ATH. 2017 was really exceptional. Next bull run we could see in 2020/21.

So for me bitcoin will stay in large range like 3500 to 9000 for next 2/3 years. This is otherwise a good opportunity to build positions in crypto space and wait for better luck in 2020.

Precisely my thought but it wont be bitcoin but a new coin will be going through that cycle :). I have my hopes with REBL :).

Third generations coin will be key for taking the cryptocurrency forward, that is true but for that phase to happen bitcoin has to be in an age of adult . I still consider bitcoin as a kid because the mass adoption is still there to be achieved. Once that milestone we have in place then the boat will be driven by 3rd generations coins.

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Investing I upvote you so you upvote me

i doubt that btc could go 50k in the end of the year... maybe few year in the distant future

Nice post... I want to ask you a question why are there so many crypto currency and why are there still more coming out every day.. Dont you think this may affect the rate of the other more influential coin

Connor Kenny @investing great to see you back. I was getting concerned.........

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So sad and bad news crypto market going below 200 billion....why bitcoin rate down to bear market prices very cheap.....i hope more bigger invester invest the money in bitcoin..and bitcoin rate grow up.....i think rate of bitcoin grow up in december.....

total disappointment all over but big players know how to play this swing keep shoring and long after sudden moves

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this week the market is unpredictable, we must a little patiance :t

Hi @investing congrats on your 2500 followers <3

You're right about it .. theres alot of people selling

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